Best of the Week

It’s the weekend!  I’m so glad it’s finally here – it’s been a busy week!

Here’s what I loved about this crazy, busy week:

My New Job

For about six months, I had volunteered 2-3 hours a week at a local yoga studio.  I would man the front desk, check in clients for classes and sell memberships and products.  This was in trade for free yoga!  It really was a good deal and I enjoyed my time at the studio, working and practicing.

Well, this past week I started a job working with the studio.  Yes, I’m an official employee.  It’s a part time gig where I still help out with the front desk, but also manage their social media campaign.  It’s a learn as you go position, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited for the future!

A Snow Day

ginger smoothie

Winters Cure Smoothie – orange, carrot, apple, ginger and coconut milk! Yum! (recipe from

Well, technically it was an ice day.  We had sleet and freezing rain, very little snow.  But I took advantage of my day indoors by spending some time in the kitchen.  I made healthy smoothies and a delicious vegetarian quinoa chili to warm us up that night.  I love trying out new recipes but don’t always have a lot of time to research recipes and try them out, so it was fun to dive into my “recipes to try” list and knock a few out.  Bonus, they were super-yummy!


Quinoa Chili – perfect for a cold winter’s night!

Playing with Videos

I’m definitely not a great videographer, but I spent some time this past week getting more comfortable both behind and in front of the camera.  It’s a new endeavor for Fit 4 Me that I’m excited about growing – exercise videos.

I created a Take 5 5-Minute Cardio Exercise video.  This is a new series I’m introducing on my Facebook page.  A video will be posted every Tuesday with 5 exercises with at least 3 different levels (low impact up to high impact), that you can do anywhere for an extra 5 minute burst of exercise.  My first video debuted on Tuesday of this week and I’m excited for this coming Tuesday’s video.  Check out to see the videos.


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