Can and Cannot

I was listening to a podcast last week and the person speaking said one sentence that really struck a chord with me.

what you can do

This has in fact become my personal motto, that has been much-needed lately.

I’m a planner, a scheduler, a list maker.  And these past few weeks I’ve been constantly changing my plan, making a different schedule and rearranging my lists.

I started a new job (more on that later).  And we all have had the experience of a new job, a new class, something new in your schedule that rocks your world for a bit.  Your routine has to change, and finding a new routine can take a while.

Then the weather.  Yes, I’m in NC and I’m lucky.  I get that.  But it has been frustrating that my schedule has been effected by the weather.  I normally run on Tuesdays, but an ice-covered ground prevented that.  Wednesday is Cycle class, but the instructor couldn’t get to the gym due to the weather.  So all my planning for the week had to be revamped.

Of course I get a bit frustrated when things don’t go as planned.  And that thought, “I can’t do what I want,” comes into my head, and I just have the feeling of giving up. But I have to shake that thought out quickly, and focus on what I can do instead.

I can’t go running?  I can do a Cardio DVD instead.  Don’t fret about the lost miles – just do what you can do.

So when you are thinking about all those things you can’t do – whether it’s physical or otherwise, shake that thought out of your head and focus on what you can do.

Can’t go to the gym today?  Can you take a walk on your lunch break?  Walk the stairs in your office building?  Do a YouTube exercise video when you get home?

Can’t prepare the healthy breakfast you wanted to?  Can you find other healthy alternatives to eat?

Can’t finish your work report because you are waiting for a response from a colleague?  Can you prepare everything else in the report so all you have to do is plug-in the response when you get it?  Can you get a head start on another project while you are waiting?

You can always do something.  It may not be what you originally wanted or planned to do, but you can always do something.

So don’t let the “I can’t” thought keep you from doing anything.  Go and do what you can!

One response to “Can and Cannot

  1. I work with people with disabilities and the focus on what that person can do as opposed to cannot do is key to enabling them. I do find it hard to take my own advice though.


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