About Fit 4 Me

Fit 4 Me is a whole health and wellness service.
Based on the philosophy of finding a wellness program that meets your individual needs, Fit 4 Me offers services, educational materials and advice on how to work toward your personal wellness goals.
– The Fit 4 Me blog, which provides fitness and nutrition information that can be easily integrated into your daily life.
– The Fit 4 Me Challenge Groups.  Every month there will be at least two challenge groups run by myself to help you reach your wellness goals, one step at a time.
In these challenge groups you get:
  • Daily support and advice from me
  • Recipes and meal plans for all tastes and diet preferences
  • Fitness tips and a daily workout plan for all fitness levels and time preferences (10 minute to 60 minutes!)
  • Support from others who are on their own personal health journey
  • And much more!
– The Fit 4 Me Facebook page offers motivational tips, great articles and videos to help you along on your daily health journey.  The Facebook page is also a great way to find out about upcoming Fit 4 Me programs and services, including many free support and challenge groups.
– The Fit 4 Me Pinterest page offers healthy recipes, exercise routines, motivation and great health tools!
For more information on any of the programs and services Fit 4 Me offers, please send me a message.
Meetup Events:
For those in the Charlotte area, Fit 4 Me will host in-person wellness events, including:
– Exercise and Fitness Routines
– Healthy Living Book Club
– Social visits to local healthy restaurants
– Lunch and Learns on different topics from portion control to developing a fitness routine that works for you.
– And much more!
To join the group, search Fit 4 Me Charlotte Meetup Group on http://www.meetup.com
Coming Soon to Fit 4 Me:
YouTube videos featuring:
– Health and wellness tips from experts in the field
– Exercise routines for all fitness levels
– Stress Management techniques for everyday usage

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