Motivation Monday

I posted a video on my Facebook page today about something that I’ve seen a lot of people doing and saying lately.

It seems that a lot of people have a bad case of the “I only’s”.

What are the “I only’s”?

Well, it’s when you downgrade what you did do because you couldn’t do what you wanted to do.

This is very prevalent in the world of fitness.

People go into the day with big hopes of having the perfect workout.

But life gets in the way.  It happens – a lot – and to everybody.  It’s normal and it’s ok.

So people do things they can do instead.  They may walk around their office building at lunch time, take the stairs instead of the elevators, do some crunches and push-ups before they go to bed.  Things that don’t take a lot of time that they can fit into their busy day.


And since they didn’t get to do that perfect workout, they say “I only walked around the office building and then some sit ups before bed.”

The word only should not be in there.  Because guess what?  That’s awesome!  On a day when most people would call it a loss, not do any working out, and relax during their lunch break and watch tv and go to bed when they got home, you did something!  And those “little” somethings – add up to a big something in the long run.

pride goals

So be proud of every thing you do for you.  It’s ok to be proud.  Whether you were perfect or imperfect, you worked on your health – and that’s amazing!  Own your awesomeness – and rid the word only from your vocabulary!





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