Football inspired workouts

It’s the final week of the NFL season, which means this Sunday is the Super Bowl.  And as a Carolina girl, I’m super-excited for this years game.  Let’s go Panthers!  Since it seems almost everyone in town is eating, sleeping and breathing football, why not make exercise football inspired as well?

Today I’m taking inspiration from the incredible fitness level of football players and sharing 3 football-based workouts.

Football Inspired Workout

This workout can be done at home, in the gym, or at a park.  All you will need is some cones (plastic cups, bean bags or any other brightly colored object will work).  Pick at least 3 exercises below (or challenge yourself with all of them) and get working!

Warm Up Exercises: Do for 1 minute (or distance noted)

Cardio Exercises (choose one, two, or do all of them!):

Suicide Drills – set up 3 cones 5 feet to 5 yards apart, depending on endurance (this video is done on a basketball court but can be translated to any surface)

Other Cardio: set up distance from 10 to 20 yards

  • Shuffle down and back
  • shuffle down to cone and sprint (or fast walk) back
  • sprint (or fast walk) down and back pedal (or walk backwards) back (run backwards)

Agility Drills:

L cone sprints (or be adventurous and try any of the other cone drills on this video!)


  • Push Up with Shoulder Tap (options: push up against a wall or bench or a push up on knees instead of toes)
  • Sit Ups (options: crunches, abdominal squeeze and hold for 10 seconds)
  • Squats (options: straight leg lifts)

Football Field Workouts

If you have access to a football field, then try these fun and challenging workouts!  Pick 1-2 exercises to start and then add more as your fitness progresses.

Suicides Challenge – set up 3-4 cones every 5 to 10 yards

  • sprinting
  • shuffles
  • shuffle down, sprint back
  • sprint down, back pedal back
  • lunge down (shorter distance is recommended), sprint back
  • sprinting with 5-10 of 1 or more of the following exercises at each cone: push ups, burpees, sit ups, squats

Play Ball!

Playing flag or touch football can be a great workout!  Grab some friends and a ball, find a field, and play.  The best part is, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t realize how hard of a workout it is!






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