A Fit 4 Me Update

I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but I haven’t had the slightest idea of what to actually write.

There is a reason I’ve been MIA from this blog for quite a while.  I’m currently 6 months pregnant – and while we are thrilled, pregnancy has not been overly kind to me.

My main thing is since I started having severe morning (really all day) sickness at week 6, I’m still struggling with it today at almost 28 weeks.  I definitely have better ways to manage it now, but I still have some pretty bad days.  And I’m exhausted all the time – I never got that “honeymoon” second trimester that people told me about so glowingly while I was unable to keep anything down during my first trimester.  Needless to say, my idea of fitness was taking a nice nap and drinking lots of water.

But it is what it is.  I do have good moments – and I relish those, and just take care of myself during the bad moments.  There’s no use complaining, getting down, or angry.  And as I’ve been able to manage my symptoms, I have been able to get some moderate exercise in, which has been fantastic!

During this time I have learned some interesting things about health and fitness – lessons I probably never would have learned if it wasn’t for this pregnancy.


  1. Your body can overrun your good intentions.  I always have a plan of attack for exercise every day – whether it’s a gentle 15 minute prenatal stretching routine, a brisk walk outdoors, or some light weight training at home.  And while I’ve definitely had the wrath of sore muscles/injuries, colds and busy days try to ruin my workout plans pre-pregnancy, I was always able to find a way around it.  If my hip was acting up, I could do some upper body work.  If I had a cold, I could do some yoga at home.  But during these past 6 months I’ve had to come to grips that sometimes you just need to do nothing but rest.  Your body is working hard enough as it is – so rest days have become more common in my world.
  2. When you don’t want to eat healthfully – you have to sneak in your nutrition.  During most of my pregnancy I have had a huge aversion to any and all vegetables.  Veggies used to make up the majority of my diet – so this was a big change.  But with the nausea, my body craved anything loaded with carbs.  Luckily some of my veggie aversions have gone away – I can happily eat some broccoli now, but asparagus is a no go.  So during those aversion times, I had to disguise my vegetables.  Casseroles, sauces, chopping them up fine in sauces, meatloaf, etc.  Whatever it took to get my veggies in was done.
  3. When you generally feel like crap, drink a big glass of water.  This helps me a lot!  The last thing I want to drink when my tummy is upset is water, but if I’m feeling gross, blah or have a headache – water is my best remedy.  There’s a lot to say about hydration!
  4. Body perception and image is a crazy thing.  My body feels almost foreign at times.  I still think I can squeeze through tight spaces that I used to be able to get too before my baby bump.  It’s just now sinking in that I’m bigger.  And I have a slight fear of where the rest of the baby weight will go.  But that’s all perception, as I have many co-workers, friends and even medical staff tell me that in the pregnancy world, I’m “tiny”.

That’s all I can think of at the moment – I have found that pregnancy brain (aka lack of sleep) is very real too!


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