Falling back into fitness

I have a confession to make: my fitness routine lately has been hit and miss.  Most weeks I get at least 2 days of activity in, which is good, but I’ve never quite met my goal of 5 days a week.  And while I try to take it easy on myself, as a goal-oriented person, it sometimes gets to me.

When my fitness mojo seems to be slacking, I often look to outside resources for accountability and motivation.

And this holiday season I’m taking part in the SweatPink Holiday Sweat Challenge.

holiday sweat

While it officially started on Sunday, and I have yet to start, I’m still super-excited to be taking part in this challenge.

Why you say?

Because this challenge isn’t about who loses the most weight (which definitely won’t be me :)!) or who works out the most, or who has the perfect diet.  There is no set routine (although they do provide workouts for you to try if you wish), no plan – just motivation and accountability for healthy living.

You exercise when you want, how long you wish, and the intensity and mode that you choose.  This is PERFECT for me right now!

Plus they give you extra incentive to eat more fruits and veggies by providing accountability for that, which I really need right now!

There’s no foods that are off-limits, no calories to count, and no workouts to check off your list, just healthy living motivation.

So, my goal for this “week” (which for me will be Thursday through Saturday), is to get 30 minutes of activity in all three days.

And my goal for the upcoming holiday season is to get 30 minutes of activity in at least 4 times a week.

And of course, I will try to fit in as many fruits and veggies in my diet as I can.

So here we go – let’s Fall back into Fitness and have a healthy holiday season!

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