4 tips to create an exercise routine

Since getting back from vacation (in mid June!), I’ve struggled with finding my exercise groove.  But finally, in the past few weeks, I’ve finally gotten my cardio and strength routine down.

Here’s a glimpse of what I do:

Monday – Low impact cardio (usually a cycle class) and some ab work
Tuesday – Strength/Cardio mix at a Boot camp style class at the gym
Wednesday – Light cardio day which is usually a DVD or YouTube video at home.  Lately I’ve been into the Cardio Mix from Jessica Smith’s 10 LBs Down DVD.
Thursday – Strength/Cardio mix of my own or at a class.  I’ve been wanting to go to a class, but it’s at 6am and I usually wake up at 7, so I have yet to go.  Last Thursday I did a workout of my own creation, which you can see below.
Friday – Low impact cardio (my favorite cycle class!)
Saturday – Cardio at home via DVD or YouTube video (I really go with what I’m feeling that morning – but go for about 30 minutes of cardio)
Sunday – Strength at home via DVD or YouTube video (I’ve been alternating between Jessica Smith’s Boot camp and 30 Day Fix Dirty 30)

And this has been working for me.  3 days of total body strength, 2 days of low impact work and 1 day of light exercise.  The only thing I feel I’m missing is some yoga, but I’m not sure I want to disrupt my workout routine right now.  I need to keep it going for a week or two more to keep my mojo going, then I can play around – once I make working out a habit again!

And I can’t really stress that enough when making a workout routine – it has to work for you!!  Here are some tips to help you create a workout routine you can stick with.

  1. Make exercise fit your schedule.  If you are not a morning person, it is going to be super-difficult for you to make 5am exercise classes.  If you work a 14 hour shift on Mondays, then getting in a workout is probably going to be close to impossible.  Find times in your day when you can workout – whether it’s your lunch break, after getting off work, or first thing when you wake up, and make that your exercise time.
  2. Choose types of exercise you enjoy – but don’t over do it!  If you are a fan of strength training and have an iffy relationship with cardio, do strength training more days than cardio.  (Just make sure you split up the body parts you are working to make sure you have proper recovery time – upper body 1 day, lower body the next).  But that way most days of the week you will do exercises you enjoy – whether that is lifting weights, dancing, biking or running.  But make sure you also have days where you are not doing that activity and working in a cross training day.  If you lift weights, do cardio on your cross training day, and vice versa.  We all need both strength and cardio in our lives to stay healthy and fit – but it’s ok to enjoy one more than the other!  In fact, that’s normal!
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new.  In fact, I encourage you to try something new!  You never know what you’ll love!  And remember sometimes you are judging a type of exercise based on outside factors instead of the exercise itself.  If you didn’t enjoy a class, ask yourself why.  Was it the gym?  The music?  Perhaps you and the instructor just didn’t click?  If it’s an outside reason why you didn’t enjoy it – try another class and see if it’s any better for you.
  4. Fight the excuses.  We all have them.  We all have to fight them.  When your excuse comes up as to why you can’t go to the gym or do a workout – ask yourself if the excuse is legit.  Then ask yourself how you will feel if you do skip your workout.  Does that feeling sound good to you?  Probably not – so go ahead and workout!  If you do have a legitimate reason why you can’t work out, don’t sweat it.  Just jump back into your routine the next day.  And after a while, exercise becomes a habit.


Total Body Workout (800x1200)




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