Why you should kick your bucket list to the curb

I’ve finally had some time to do one of my favorite things: reading other people’s blogs.  And I ran across a few wonderful posts about bucket lists.

The idea of the Bucket List has been around for probably an incredibly long time, but I didn’t really know about the concept until the movie came out.  And I really fell in love with the idea.  A list of things you want to do with your life really spoke to the list-maker inside of me!


And I used to make a ton of lists of this nature.

Things I wanted to do for the holiday season, things I wanted to try in my free time, date night ideas for me and my husband.  And while I enjoyed making these lists, do you know how many things I actually did from the list?  Very little.

I let every holiday season go by without doing every craft project, baking experiment and outside adventure I list.  My free time is not filled with a ton of outside adventures.  And while my husband and I do have date nights on occasion, we rarely consult the list.

Seeing all the wonderful blog posts about bucket lists made my stomach turn.  All I could think about is if I was really following my lists, and not have them either trashed, saved on a rarely open Word doc on my computer, or filed in a drawer, that have not yet been completed.  The amount of stress I briefly felt to get the items checked off greatly overshadowed the joy of actually doing the task.

And since most bucket lists today are filled with mainly enjoyable experiences – doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me that needs to have everything on her to-do list completed, but I really started to dislike the idea of bucket lists.

Thinking back to the best experiences I’ve had in my life, lists were nowhere to be seen.  Great vacations were spent relaxing and bonding with my fellow travel mates, not visiting every sight to be seen.

And what about the best holidays?  Were they filled with every Pinterest craft, baked good and game you put on your to-do list?  Or were they just filled with friends, family and love?

While it is great to have things you want to do and see, you shouldn’t be living your life from a list.  Otherwise you’ll miss the good parts!


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