Best of the Week

I’m not always the most optimistic person.  I consider myself more of a realist, though I really do want to be more positive than negative.  But this week was dominated by a cold.  I cancelled, skipped and missed a lot of things I was excited to do for my first fully rested week back from vacation.

So I guess the best of the week is that I survived, I don’t think I’ve infected anyone else with this yucky illness, and every day I seem to be getting a little bit better.

And I’m excited about next week.  It’s amazing how little things excite you after an illness that kept you from doing most things you normally do!  So here are the little things I’m excited for next week:

The Yoga Challenge

The studio I work for is having a summer yoga challenge.  You get to choose your own goal – whether it be to practice more, diversity your practice, master a yoga move, or something else.  I choose to practice more regularly, 3-4 times a week.  However, I have not attended a single class since I got back from Alaska.  Who wants to be the constantly coughing, sniffling, running out to blow your nose girl in a Zen yoga class?  And since we’ve extended sign up for the challenge through this week, I don’t feel too bad about officially starting my challenge this coming week.  Yoga Zen – Here I come!

Exercise Classes

I have been to a few cycle classes and doing some weight training at home because I can easily regulate my intensity during those workouts.  But I’m ready to mix things up a bit with some Athletic Conditioning and Cardio Strength classes.  I may even try to squeeze in a Barre class.  I used to go to a Barre class regularly but my work schedule changed and now I work during the class time.  But I feel like my body wants to go to Barre, so I need to fit that in!


Ok, so this one is not completely under my control.  Sometimes your body just is a little tired.  But I am so looking forward to leaving this cold behind me and having more energy during the day!  I am keeping up with my healthy eating, regular sleep, avoiding too much sugar/caffeine and drinking plenty of water, but sometimes a virus just drags your energy out no matter how good you are.  So (fingers crossed), next week I will say bye-bye to this virus and hello to more energy!

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