A vacation story

Hello again!  It’s been too long, dear friends!

I could tell you a long story about why I haven’t blogged in a while, but that would be pretty boring.  The short story: busy work, busy life, and to be 110% honest, not a lot of motivation on the health and blogging front.  I’ve been taking decent care of myself, exercising daily and eating fairly well, but I felt underwhelmed by the whole fitness lifestyle.  And I just needed a break to find my mojo again.  I feel it coming back which is exciting!

My main focus for a long time had been gearing up for vacation.  That meant lots of time spent doing extra work at home and at the job, so that became my main focus.  But man was it worth it!  Here are a few shots from my vacation – an Alaskan cruise bookended by nights in one of my favorite cities, Seattle, WA.

On the boat - a great view of Seattle and Mt Ranier

On the boat – a great view of Seattle and Mt Rainier

We took a helicopter tour on our first stop in Juneau.  The views were breathtaking!

View from the helicopter

View from the helicopter

And then we got to walk around the Mendenhall Glacier for a while.  They gave us lots of warm clothes to wear, thankfully, so we could enjoy the whole experience pretty comfortably!


The next stop was Skagway, where we went to a musher’s camp.  It was summer time in Skagway, so no snow.  The dogs were doing summer training by pulling people in large sleds with wheels.  (That’s my husband’s shoe in the picture!)

Summer training for sled dogs!

Summer training for sled dogs

After our sled ride, we got to meet the dogs.  I seriously thought about trying to sneak one back home with me!


We also took a lovely train ride in Skagway to see all the beautiful scenery!

View at the White Pass Summitt

View at the White Pass Summit

In Ketchikan, we went on a scenic boat tour to see wildlife, lighthouses, homes and totem poles.


And one of the many highlights of the trip was Glacier Bay.  Our ship spent half a day touring us around to different glaciers.  It was an amazing sight!

Margerie Glacier

Margerie Glacier

I have to say, I’m still processing all the sites I saw on the cruise.  From the wildlife (we spotted a spot of a bear on a shoreline!), to the natural wonders of Glaciers, to playing with sled dogs, it was a lot to do and see!  But more than anything, it left me inspired.  I’m not sure how quite yet, but you leave feeling a bit different than you did coming – in a good way!


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