Bringing excitement into everyday life

How exciting!  This is a term usually used for things like a promotion, an upcoming vacation, a new addition to the family.  The scenarios are always very positive.  You are never excited to go to the dentist, pay bills, or give someone bad news.

But can you be?

I work at a Yoga studio, so I’m around a lot of very zen people.  It’s really helped me since I naturally tend to veer more towards anxiety than calm.  And I’ve learned a lot just by watching my co-workers in everyday situations.  And this term, “how exciting” is used by one person in a unique way, that has really started to change my perspective.

The first time I noticed her use this phrase was during a deep stretch class my husband and I love to frequent.  We were near the end of class and were going into supported fish.  If can be a bit difficult to get all your accessories properly lined up if you are new to the pose.  And one new yogi was having difficulty and called her over.  He was just a row behind me so I could hear the whispered conversation as he was trying to untangle himself from his strap.  The instructors response was not “oh no” but “how exciting!”  It made us giggle.  What a fun response to that situation!

And I’ve heard her use it in a work capacity as well.  When a challenge arrises it’s never a dread moment – it’s a “how exciting!” moment.

And really, shouldn’t that be how we approach life?  With excitement!

So when you have to give that presentation, instead of dread – think “How exciting!  I get to present this topic to others and help them learn!”

When you are about to step into a new fitness class, instead of fear, think “How exciting – a new adventure!”

When you make a mistake, any mistake, and need to fix it, instead of beating yourself up and feeling less than smart, think – “How exciting!  I get to learn a new skill!”

Wouldn’t that be great? To go through life seeing everything as an adventure.  Finding the positive in every situation.

The next time something crazy and “negative” passes my way, I’m going to fight my first instinct of dread, and say out loud “How exciting!”.

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