A strong mindset, a strong body

I had an epiphany while on an indoor cycle bike last Friday.

My muscles were a bit tired going to class, mainly because I’ve started weight lifting and my body is adjusting to the new workout.  So I decided to hop on the “easy” bike.  For some reason, there is one bike in that studio that is never calibrated correctly, and the gears are lower on resistance than they should be.

So I had a bit of guilt as I hopped on bike 31.  I couldn’t help feeling a bit of shame since I was getting on the easy bike. But as I was riding along, knowing I really wasn’t working well above 200 watts, a thought popped in my mind.

I wasn’t taking the easy way out by choosing the easy bike.  I was still biking hard and using the appropriate feel of resistance on this bike.  If I normally ride through a song at gear 13 on a well-calibrated bike, I would adjust the “easy bike” until I felt the same resistance as a 13 normally would give me.

My heart was pumping, I was breathing hard and the sweat was dripping – just as it should in a cardio class.  It was my perception that was being deceived, not my body.

For some reason, seeing that Watts number skyrocket, and biking along at a gear I rarely hit on a properly calibrated bike made me feel powerful.  And not in a “relax, you are working hard (even though you’re not)”  kind of way.  But more in a “you are strong and you can do anything!” way, which made me work harder when I may have wimped out on a normal bike.

If you think you can do something, if you think you are powerful and strong, then you will perform that way.  It doesn’t matter if today’s workout was not quite as good as a previous one.  You may not have run as fast, lifted as much weight, or had to take more rest breaks today.  But as long as you see yourself as the strong, capable and powerful person that you truly are, you will accomplish what you set out to do.

This applies to life as well – whether it’s writing a paper for school, giving a presentation for work, or going to a social event where you don’t know many people.  If you believe you can and will do great, then you will!

So start changing your mindset from I can’t, I won’t, I’ll fail – to I am powerful right now!  And see the accomplishments follow!

One response to “A strong mindset, a strong body

  1. In cycling terms it is best to know what your Maximum minute power is and work out your training zones accordingly. As you say sometimes it is better to choose a lower resistance (gear) but at a higher cadence (speed) to achieve the same effect in wattage output.
    Your analogy of this to life in general is so appropriate.

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