Strength at home with fitness apps

There is a great big world of fitness apps out there that I’m admittedly not overly familiar with.  I’ve heard of many, but never tried most.  Part of this is because my job title is social media coordinator.  So most of my time researching and learning apps is more for social media outlets rather than fitness.

But since I’ve finished my 8 week round of PiYo, I’ve been missing doing strength training with actual weights.  Last year I had a few group exercise strength classes I loved, but sadly, the instructor has moved on, so those are no longer an option.  After doing random home DVDs for a while, I realized I needed a plan.  Working out in any form is great, but a planned workout schedule will definitely get you results faster.

So I finally started to play with the Nike Training App I have downloaded on my tablet, and was pleased to find they have free 4 week programs already set for you.  You can choose from get lean, get toned or get strong.  I choose get strong.  I’m doing a lot of cardio on my own, so I need more guidance with strength.

I also choose the beginner option, which is 2 strength training sessions a week and 1 recovery yoga day.  This sounded perfect to me as I was looking to start out with just 2 days a week of lifting.

The first workout was 30 minutes, including a warm up and stretch.  It gave me clear and concise directions and has a video link for you to see the full demonstration of the exercise.  The beginner routine has lots of modified versions of exercises, such as plank on your knees and doing moves without weights, so it’s great for beginners.  Plus, its full body.  Legs, arms and abs were worked during this routine, though the routine focused more on legs than the other muscle groups.  The second workout was 45 minutes, still full body, but focused more on the core.

I did “un-modify” a few of the exercises, doing some full push-ups (but mostly modified), doing full plank options and adding weight to some exercises that were not needed.  And that was really enough to get a good sweat and muscle burn going.  I also choose to do a few cardio bursts during the three 30-second break periods we had.

So far I’m really enjoying this app!  I definitely feel the tried muscle feeling you get after a good strength training workout. I’m excited to see how I progress through the 4 weeks.

Do you have a fitness app you love?



6 responses to “Strength at home with fitness apps

    • I have a TABATA app too but haven’t used it in a while! Mine is just a true 20:10 though, so I need to look into this app. I like being able to adjust your interval time!


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