Best of the Week

The last full week in March is complete.  Can you believe it?  Easter is just in 1 week!

Here’s what I loved about this last full week of March:

Date Night Happy Hour

My husband and I tried a new restaurant for Valentine’s Day and we enjoyed it so much we knew we had to go back.  Napa on Providence has a beautiful outdoor patio and a great happy hour menu.  And since the weather was just right on Tuesday night, we headed out to enjoy an early dinner at Napa.  We ordered a large appetizer of mozzarella-stuffed meatballs on a polenta cake and a side order of Brussels Sprouts.  We had the Brussels Sprouts for Valentine’s Day and they were delicious.  I’m pretty sure they have the best Brussels sprouts in the Charlotte area.  We ate every bite of our happy hour meal, and enjoyed the sunshine on the lovely Spring day.


8 Weeks of PiYo Done

I have a little bit of exercise ADD.  I need a lot of variety in my routine, or I get really bored.  So it was quite an accomplishment for me to finish the 8-week program of PiYo!

What I love most about PiYo is that unlike most exercise programs, the workouts leave you feeling refreshed and revived, instead of tired and sweaty.  I will admit, there were times I didn’t want to do another down-dog, triceps push-up or squat, but I pushed through.  And I’m glad I did.  I definitely noticed a big improvement in my flexibility and strength.  I can hold a plank for a pretty darn long time now, thanks to PiYo!  So pushing through my exercise ADD was a very good thing for me!

NCAA Basketball

My beloved Tarheels lost their Sweet 16 game against Wisconsin.  They hung in there and lead most of the game, but towards the end they just didn’t have an answer for one player who just couldn’t miss a shot.  It was disappointing of course to see them lose, but they played well and I see nothing but bright things in the future of UNC basketball.  So for that, I am happy.  Now just to figure out who to cheer for during the rest of the tournament.  That’s always a problem when your team loses!


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