Having the right mindset to achieve your goals

Several months ago, I attended a webinar on motivation and success.  I enjoyed it, but quickly put aside my notes and focused on other things going on in my life.  But lately, I’ve been seeing reminders of what I learned pop up all over the place.

I’ve read blog posts that reminded me of the lessons it taught, seen implications during March Madness basketball, and had circumstances in my own life teach me the lessons again.

The gist of the webinar was about traits successful people have that others do not.

You would think it would list things like charm, intelligence, strength, or incredible willpower.  But it didn’t.

The main lesson it taught was that those who are successful at reaching their goals are no more charming, intelligent or strong that those who struggle to or never attain their goals.

The difference is their attitude.

People who are successful know they will find struggles, know they will be knocked off course, but don’t let those struggles and knock-down’s keep them from moving forward.

Instead, they endure the hard times, learn from them, gain strength from them, and then continue moving towards their goals.

They don’t see downfalls and struggles as a failure or as a chance to jump off the bandwagon.  They don’t use bad moments as a sign that they are just not cut out to do something.  Most of us do.  Most of us struggle and struggle, and take all of our struggles as signs that we should quit.  We see it as our fault that we are facing struggles – that something is wrong with us, and therefore we, personally, can not achieve our goals.  Struggles, for a lot of people, become personal.

Whereas successful people find that struggles are just that, struggles.  They are not a definition of their character, their worth, or their strength.  The struggles, in fact, have nothing to do with themselves, but are just something that must be endured, simply because life has struggles.  They do not use the bad times as reasons to stop or as signs that they can’t do something.  They endure, survive, and move on to get closer to their goals.

obstacles definition

So how many times have you faced a struggle and used it as a sign that you can’t achieve what you desire?  How many times have you had a bad day and taken that as you are weak and do not possess the skills to achieve your goals?

It’s time to see the truth about ourselves.  Obstacles occur in life, no matter what path you take.  Whether you are pushing to achieve your dreams, or settling for something else, you will face obstacles.  You will have bad days.  And this is not because you are a failure.  This is because life is full of struggles.  So you can choose: face the struggles that will lead your to your ultimate goal, or face the ones that will leave you wanting more.

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