Very Inspiring Blogger Nomination

Happy Tuesday!

It is a very happy Tuesday for me, despite the gloomy weather here in Charlotte.  It is happy because the wonderfully talented Angela of The Keen Peach nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Thank you so much Angela!  I am honored that you thought of me!

(By the way, check out her blog.  It’s one of my favorites!)

very inspiring blogger award

The rules are these:
• Thank the blogger/s who nominated you
• List the rules, and display the award
• Share 7 facts about yourself
• Nominate other awesome blogs

So without further ado, 7 Facts about me:

  1. I’m very bad at talking about myself!!  Like, horrible!  So bad I blanked on this first fact and googled “questions to ask someone to get to know them” for help.  I figured I could at least answer some of those questions to get my 7 facts.  I was wrong.  The sites were not helpful as I can’t write about “would you rather be a tree or a rock?”  (Answer: tree)
  2. I hate spending money on myself, so I rarely shop for myself.  But I can spend all my money on my dog in 5 seconds flat.  For instance, this impulse buy today from Petsmart while picking up her food.

peep toy

P.S. – Peeps ROCK!
P.P.S – Yes, this photo was taken in my closet because I didn’t want my dog to see her Easter gift.  I’m a little nuts!

3.    I wish I liked seafood, but I don’t.  I know there are some really healthy fish out there, but I can’t stand the taste.  And I’ve tried fish and seafood several times throughout the years.  My husband loves seafood and his love often prompts me to say “Fish are friends, not food!”  (Thank you Dori!)
4.      I’m really into reading young adult lit.  I loved the Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent series and have moved on to the Maze Runner trilogy.  And I’m always looking for good books to read – so let me know your favorites!
5.      I detested pb&j as a kid, but I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner now.  Yum!
6.     I have the worlds strangest allergies.  I’m allergic to most metals (so pretty much everything I touch gives me a rash), a ton of medications, rubber, leafy greens (yes, I’m allergic to lettuce), and cold things.  Being allergic to cold is a real thing called cold urticaria – read about it here.  I get hives from ice packs, when I get out of a pool or shower, etc.  I have 3 different cortisone cream prescriptions and keep at least one of them with me at all times.  I’m so happy I only have rash reactions though – so carrying a tube of cream with me is not a big deal at all!
7.     I’m happiest when I’m active.  When doing a home workout and my husband walks in the room, he always comments on how happy I look.  Whether it’s taking a walk, going for a hike, or hitting the gym – moving makes me happy!

My Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

RUN WRIGHT – Karen shares her world, her health journey and her insights.  Each post is beautifully written and she puts her heart on the page in a way I wish to one day achieve.

Shh…Fit Happens – Sarah is a certified Group Exercise Instructor and shares her wisdom on fitness with the world through her entertaining blog, Shh…Fit Happens.

Black Dog Runs Disney –  Kimberly shares her running life and her Disney obsession in a cute, clever and fun way.  And I’m always a sucker for a good dog post!



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