Planning for success

As most of my followers know by now, I’m a planner.  I spend a lot of time planning my days, weeks and even months.

There have been days and even weeks where I’ve gone without planning.  And to many this may be liberating.  To me, not so much.

When I don’t plan, I tend to get too relaxed.  Meaning, nothing at all will get done.  I’ll sit around, watch TV, snack and really I’m just a lazy bum all day long.

Now we all need days like this every now and then – just to rest our minds and bodies.  But if this happens too often, it can cause some problems.

I find when I have too many “off” days, I become a bit depressed, uninspired and I lose all sense of motivation.  I don’t like that I’m sitting on the couch all day long accomplishing nothing, but I also don’t have the motivation to get up and do something about it.

Luckily, my husband can recognize this in me and “force” me to get out and about – thus reinstating my normal energy and routine.

But it’s not a fun experience for either one of us, so to avoid this happening, I plan.  I plan for happiness, for motivation and for success.

goals plans success

Every Sunday I sit down and plan my week out.  This includes my work time and personal to-do list.  It also includes my exercise schedule.  I put in my calendar the time and day of a gym exercise class I am taking, or what exercise I will be doing from home.  When I plan, I generally stick to it – so I always get my exercise in.  And this way I can make sure I’m not overloading my body with too much strength work, intense cardio or high impact movements.

I also meal plan.  I always do meal plans for dinner, but my best weeks I meal plan everything – from my 3 meals down to my snacks.  This cuts down on grocery trips and keeps me from eating the wrong foods.  If I know I need to have fruit and yogurt on hand for my snack on Wednesday, then I will pick it up on my normal Tuesday grocery shopping trip.  That way, I will have a healthy option instead of reaching for my husband’s Cheez-It’s!

Finally, I think of my personal goals and when I have time to work on them.  Like right now I’m studying for a new fitness certification – so I can look at my calendar and write down the days that I will have some study time.  I can also schedule in fun time – whether it’s just me time, just me and my husband, with family or with friends.  You don’t have to choose what you are going to do exactly – but make sure you don’t overschedule your week and forget to have fun time.  Fun time can be spontaneous and adventurous, or it could be decompressing on the couch.  Whatever you need – go for it!

me time

Here’s a look at my schedule.  I write one of these every week and it works for me.  I like using just one sheet of paper for a whole week.  I have a lot to carry around with me and that way I’m not adding an extra big planner to my bag.  My husband and I use a shared online calendar for a larger schedule which contains doctor’s appointments, special work events, birthdays, etc.  We use a website called Cozi, which you can get to via or download apps for iPhone and Android.  I always check Cozi when writing my weekly plan so I don’t miss any appointments.

weekly schedule

If you are not a scheduler, I encourage you to try and schedule 1 day in advance.  It doesn’t have to be an hour by hour detail of what you are doing – just plan out meals, snacks, exercise time, work time and personal fun time.  I bet you will feel great after that day ends!


4 responses to “Planning for success

  1. I loved this. It is so critical to plan things. There is an old cliche that says plan your work and work your plan, but it is true. I also agree scheduling me time is beneficial. Working at home as I do, it is sometimes hard to know when to turn it off or close the office door. Good stuff!


  2. Reading your post was like reading about myself! People laugh at me because of my scheduling and planning but if I don’t do it literally nothing gets done! I need to plan some exercise this week…really really need to…


    • I know – I get laughed at all the time with my planning and scheduling! Luckily my husband is the same way so he gets it! But so many people think it’s strange! I think if they just try it, they’ll realize how wonderful it is!

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