Best of the Week

Happy weekend and Happy March!  Here’s to spring coming very, very soon!!

Despite the less than Southern weather this week, here’s what had me smiling:

The Oscars

I never really was much of a fan of the Oscars before.  I tend to have trouble sitting down long enough to watch an entire movie.  But my husband enjoys the Oscars and he got me into the award show.  Not to sound too cheesy, but there is something kind of magical about the Oscars.  You can tell a lot of childhood dreams come true that night, and it’s neat to watch those special moments in people’s lives.

This year the Oscars were a bit long, but that’s not really anything new, right?  I only saw 3 of the nominated movies this year so I didn’t have a lot of opinions but it was still enjoyable.  I always think Neal Patrick Harris does a fabulous job as a host.  He’s a pretty entertaining individual!  And I enjoy watching the fashions.  I think my favorite this year was Reese Witherspoon.  Simple and elegant is definitely more of my style.  And she never seems to age!

reese witherspoon

I always want to end up watching the movies after the Oscars too.  I’ve seen Boyhood, which was not my kind of movie, and the Theory of Everything, which I thought was a beautiful movie.  The Grand Budapest Hotel I rented from Redbox one night because nothing else was there, and I was surprised at how entertaining and cute of a movie it was.  I am kind of intrigued by Birdman now, just because of all the hype.  And I do want to see Wild – I really enjoyed the book!

A Veggie Night Out

Neither my husband nor myself are vegetarians, though I can live happily on mainly veggies.  The hubby is definitely a carnivore though, so it’s rare that we go out together to a vegan restaurant.  We were suppose to go with a group of friends, but icy weather caused road issues for them.  But our roads were clear so we were able to go ahead, just the two of us.

We headed to Luna’s Living Kitchen for a healthy and yummy meal.  He ordered the spaghetti bolognaise made with zucchini noodles and a cashew/mushroom sauce, while I had the pad Thai made with zucchini and sweet potato noodles.  I loved my dish, though I did get some too spicy kicks every now and then.  And he enjoyed his, though I know it’s not on his favorite list.  (Boys and their meat, right?)  But we had a lovely evening out exploring a new type of cuisine.

The 28 for 28 Challenge

I have to say, I’m sad to see this challenge come to an end.  A fabulous group of over 20 people joined the challenge to exercise for at least 28 minutes for every day in February.  Everybody had their ups and downs, but we all hung in there and supported each other.  And that’s really what the group was about.  It wasn’t about numbers or minutes, it was about creating a supportive environment where we all encourage each other to be healthy and take some time to care for ourselves.


Great job ladies and gentlemen!  You are all rock stars for finishing the 28 for 28!!

If you are interested in joining a challenge in the future, check out my Facebook page.  I’ll keep you posted on all the fun coming up!

The Best Whole Chicken Made in A Crock Pot

That is exactly what Lisa Leake, author of 100 Days of Real Food, titled her slow cooker whole chicken recipe.  And I’m pretty sure she’s not exaggerating!

I made this chicken on Friday night and it was delicious!  It’s easy to overcook meats in the slow cooker but with this recipe the chicken was moist and tender, and very tasty.  It makes enough for at least 2 meals for the two of us, and you can easily turn the leftover bones into homemade chicken stock (she has a recipe for that too).

Seriously, make this chicken.  You won’t regret it!



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