Tips for a Healthy Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming!  And while traditionally Valentine’s Day means chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your holiday in a healthy way!

Have an active date night

– Take a romantic walk through a scenic part of town.  Whether it’s in the city center, through a beautiful neighborhood or in your historic district.


– Ride a bike through a park and then find a hidden spot to be alone.  Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on while you enjoy the sights of the day.

– Go dancing!  You can go out or stay in.  Just put on your favorite dance tunes and hold a dance party in your living room.

– Go skating, ice skating or roller skating, depending on your preference, is a great and nostalgic way to spend your Valentine’s evening.

– Go for a hike.  Search the web for a scenic hike nearby that you and your Valentine can enjoy together.  Pack healthy snacks, water and a comfy blanket so you can find a cozy rest spot and enjoy each others company.

– Build a snow-couple or have a snowball fight.

snow couple

Eat a Healthy Romantic Meal

– Make a healthy dinner together at home.  Search your favorite healthy recipe websites and choose a dinner that sings to you both.  Then hit the grocery store, put on some music and cook together.

cooking together

– Go to a restaurant and split the courses.  Instead of you both ordering an appetizer, entrée and dessert, split your meal instead.

Healthy and Romantic Dessert Options

– Split a dessert.  Order your favorite treat and split it!

– Or make your own romantic treats:

These chocolate chip stuffed strawberries are easy to make and delicious!

If chocolate isn’t your thing, try these yogurt stuffed strawberries.  They sound amazing!

Healthy Gift Options

Instead of giving a box full of chocolate, give just one or two small pieces with a mixture of healthy treats, such as healthy granola, Lara Bars and fruit.

Give flowers, jewelry or a beautiful vase to your gal.

For the guy, choose technology gadgets, sports memorabilia or a game (video or board).

valentines day

What are your healthy Valentine’s Day plans/ideas?


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