A Happy Weight

Do you remember the quizzes they used to put in magazines all the time?  What color is your aura?  What your style says about you?  What is your perfect hairstyle?

cosmo quiz

I have memories of taking a quiz years ago entitled “What is your happy weight?”

Happy weight was defined as a weight that was healthy and that you could maintain without doing an overhaul to your current lifestyle habits.

It asked your height, your body type, how active you are, and some more personality type questions.

And then it gave me a number.  An actual number of weight in pounds that should be my “happy weight”.

I’ve always had more of a happy weight range.  A low and high number with 6 numbers in between, and if I was anywhere in that range, I was happy.  If I dropped below the low, I would feel to weak and deprived.  If I gained above the high, then I usually feel sluggish and bloated.

And when I stepped on the scale this Monday, I had a feeling my weight would be above my happy range.  I have been slack in my nutrition since October.  The fall and winter are hard months for me.

All of my family’s birthdays are from August to January, with a big bunch of them from November to January.

Usually August and September I can do fine, with just 3 birthdays between the two months.

But with my husband’s birthday in early October and then Halloween, the looming Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays, 3 more birthdays to get through before the end of the year, and it all ending with my birthday in January, I get a little slack.

I’m human.  I want to enjoy my treats.  Birthday cake, Christmas cookies, dinners out – yum!

And then vacation.  A week-long vacation after my birthday threw me over the edge.

These are not excuses, but rather the truth of what happened.  I let these events sway my willpower and I let go.

And yes, I am above my happy weight range.  This is definitely not the first time this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

But you know what is different about this time?

Before when I was not happy with my weight, I’d fret.  I’d get depressed, frustrated and mad at myself.  I’d feel like a failure and jump to extreme mindsets like attempting the ultimate perfect diet without any treats.  Or I’d schedule 2 hours of exercise into my day.

And ultimately I’d fail – usually on day 1.  And the shame cycle would grow even more.

This time, I don’t feel that way though.  I feel bloated and sluggish, yes.  But I don’t feel ashamed or mad.  And I don’t feel the need to jump to extremes.

I realized the reason I am in a totally different mindset now is knowledge.  I know how to get back into my happy weight range.  And I know that I can do it, with time, without depriving myself or exercising constantly.

I know how to eat the right portions of the right foods, give myself an occasional treat, and exercise within a healthy limit.

It’s amazing.  Beachbody gave me these 6 pack abs back in July, which unfortunately I have since lost.

But more than that, Beachbody gave me the power over my health.  I no longer beat myself up over weight.  My weight does not control me, because I know with Beachbody I can control my weight easily and happily.

Me in July:


Me on Monday:

feb 2 2015

But no worries – I know I’m going to get back to my July picture – because I know what to do!


One response to “A Happy Weight

  1. I feel you pain with the birthdays through the holidays! I’m a beachbodier as well, so I’m confident I can regain what I’ve lost (or, rather, lose what I’ve gained)! Have fun with your workouts!


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