Best of Last Week

Happy Monday everyone!  Today is a bit of a reality hit for me as I was on vacation last week.  And the first day back to a real work day is always so difficult after a vacation.

But I had such a wonderful time and I wanted to share a bit of it with you.

After a great 35th birthday full of yummy pancakes, great time with family and a delicious Italian dinner, my husband and I headed out to St. John, USVI.

What a treat!  It was beautiful!  We stayed at a resort on the National Forest property that was serene and beautiful.  We had fun visiting lots of beaches, going for a sweaty but gorgeous hike, and visiting St. Thomas for a day.

Our first night we were greeted with this beautiful sunset.  IMG_1315

And we found out that there are wild donkeys on the island.  These are a few of the donkeys that we regularly saw walking around the resort.  You ran into them everywhere — on the street, on the beach, everywhere!


Then we played at 5 of the islands various beaches.  They were all unique, but all spectacular!


And we went for a hike – it was pretty early in the morning but I still was covered in sweat!  It wasn’t from too much effort more than from the heat, though the hike wasn’t overly easy.  I think my body was still in shock that it was warm outside!  But the sweat was worth it with these gorgeous views!



To add to the other random wildlife in St. John, there were lots of chickens, a cut stray kitten that sat next to me during one of our dinners, and this herd of goats that were strolling down the street in a small town we drove through.


Needless to say, it was a wonderful vacation.  We are relaxed and rejuvenated, though a bit reluctant to start a full work week again!


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