What to consider when starting a weight loss program

Are you thinking of starting a weight loss program?  Before you do, there are a few things you should consider.

First, make sure you are being realistic.  Losing weight is not easy and it will require work on your part.  You are not going to lose weight just by wishing for it (though wouldn’t that be nice?).  So you need to know some simple steps to get you started.  Doing things like eating smaller portions, swapping high fat/calorie foods for lower calorie/fat foods and moving more are great ways to help you lose weight.  Make a list of things you can do to help you lose weight, and choose 1-2 things per week to try.


You also need to be realistic about the goals you set for yourself.  Losing weight takes time.  Don’t get discouraged when your scale doesn’t move much after the first week.  Stick with the process, and you will reach your goal.

Second, find your motivation.  Your motivation may be simply to look and feel better.  It may be to reduce our risk of developing heart disease or to help regulate your diabetes.  Whatever your motivation is, keep it in mind during this process.  Write it down and post it in several places where you can see it.  This will help you keep going when you feel like giving up.

motivation for weight loss

And lastly, find a way to track your progress.  Whether you keep food diaries, exercise logs, or track your weight on a weekly basis, you need to find a way to measure your success.  Remember that it does take a while to see progress on the scale, so always keep in mind the positive changes in the way you feel.  Eating healthier and exercising can give you a great boost in pride, confidence, energy and lessen your stress levels.

keep going

Remember to keep going.  You may have days you want to give up, and you may have days where you do not follow your plan very well (or at all).  Do not beat yourself up when this happens, but move on and get right back on track.  We all have bad days.  The important thing to do is pick yourself up and keep going.  A lifestyle change is hard, but with persistence, you can do it!


2 responses to “What to consider when starting a weight loss program

  1. Sound advice! I would just change the word motivation for purpose or reason. Other than that I completely agree. Being realistic, being mindful of how you are responding to changes and not beating yourself up but instead, learning from your failures and slumps are all extremely important.

    Great post!

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  2. Patience for the long-game is one of the essential ingredients for reaching and sustaining life-long weight loss. (The right mindset for the journey is the other.) I have found it an uphill struggle to get this message across. People want that quick fix so badly, and advertisers take advantage of their despair. Even when someone is yo-yoing up to obesity with rapid weight-loss diets, they may still cling to the belief that there is a quick-fix solution. We need to patiently persist with the ‘patience’ message.

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