Push goals

The past month, I’ve been doing a lot of research on goal setting.  Reading books, listening to podcasts, searching the web.  And in this research the term Push Goal was mentioned a lot.  I know there’s a book called PUSH by Chalene Johnson, which is one of many on my to-read list, but wasn’t quite sure what the concept was about.  Then I listened to her podcast about Push goals and it clicked.

A Push goal is the one goal that will help you achieve many goals.

So, if you have a list of 10 goals (from your Thursday assignment), a PUSH goal is 1 goal that will help you achieve many of those 10.

To find your push goal, look at your list of 9-10 goals from Thursday’s post.  (I posted mine on Facebook on Friday.)

Do you see an underlying theme to many of your goals?

If you have a lot of goals regarding weight loss, exercise and nutrition, maybe you’re push goal is weight loss.  Since weight loss requires you to exercise and eat healthfully and mindfully, focusing on this one goal will help you reach many of your 10 goals.

If you have a lot of goals regarding future purchases, such as a new home, a new wardrobe piece(s) or a vacation, maybe saving money and improving your finances is your push goal.  Improving your overall financial status will help you reach your goals of purchasing a home, paying off your car and going on a nice vacation.

It is important to note, your push goal can be one of the 10 already listed or a completely new goal that encompasses many of the 10.  For me, my push goal was one of my 10.  But for you, you may need to create a whole new goal.

My push goal would be the first goal listed on my list of 10:

“to establish a community of people who desire to live a healthy lifestyle, engage in fun and social activities, and support/encourage each other in all aspects of wellness.”

Why have I chosen this as my push goal?

In order to develop this community I need to do several things:

1 – to maintain a healthy lifestyle myself – to live what I preach.  This will take care of goal #2 on my list.

2 – to meet new people, gain their trust and friendship.  Goal number 4 (and perhaps 5).  In order to create my community, I need to meet and engage with people who would like to join my community.

3 – to continue to develop my knowledge of fitness and wellness so I can always have the latest knowledge in the field (goal number 6)

4 – to manage stress well, as this is an important aspect of health as well as being an entrepreneur and leader.  Goal number 3.

So this goal clearly meets 5 of my other goals, which is meeting at least 50% of my 10 goals.  Not bad – I’ve just turned 5 goals into one!

Yes, there are other goals in there that really don’t fall into the realm of my push goal.  And that’s ok.  Because I’ve just taken 50% of my goals off my plate, so I can find time to date my husband more, have fun times and adventures and learn something new.

But this also means that I will be focusing my energy on what I feel is at the top of my priorities for 2015, which is focusing on helping others learn about, improve and maintain their personal health and wellness.

Your assignment is to find your push goal, whether it is one of your 10 or another goal all together.  Find the one goal that will drive you to achieve many of your “mini” goals.

For a more on Push goals, check out Chalene’s podcast on the subject.



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