Having an intention for life

As you all know by now, I’m a goal setting gal.  I like to have things to work towards.  It gives me a sense of purpose and motivation to do things that are good for me, but maybe not exactly what I want to do.

I know a lot of people who don’t set goals.  They think goal setting means that you are working on something that is broken – you are trying to fix something about yourself or your life.  And since they are happy with their life and themselves, there’s no need for goals.

But that’s not what goals are about.

And truly, I find the majority of people are always working towards something, whether or not they realize they are goals.  They may want a promotion at work, are saving money to buy a new car, or have a race on their calendar they are training for.  These are all goals, whether or not you call them that.

If the word goals scares you, then take the word away.  You can think of goals as your intention for life.

Goals are really just working on designing your best life.  They set an intention for your days, weeks and months.  The intention may be to become more financially sound, to develop a meaningful relationship with another, or to save for a dream vacation.

Your intention gets you to where you want to be in life.  It keeps you learning, developing skills and relationships to grow into the life you want to lead.

So instead of thinking of goals as a long “to-do” or “to-fix” list, think of it as an aspiration, a way of living your best life.

Weekly Challenge Part 1:

This week, take some time to think about what you want your intention (or goals) for this year to be.  Write those down.

In a few days, we will begin the discussion on how to develop a plan of action to achieve your intention/goals.

What would need to be true for you in 3 months, 6 months or a year for you to say this was the best year ever?



7 responses to “Having an intention for life

  1. I like your way of thinking. The word intention does indeed create less pressure than the word goal. And goals may sometimes be boring. Somehow ‘goal’ makes me think of “I have to do this” and intention makes me think of “I want to do this” and sometimes it can make a difference.

    As for me, 2015. would be the best year ever if I was able to make my *intentions* a reality and succeed in my journey which I’m tracking on my blog. What about you?


    • My intention for the year is to live my life full of joy and peacefulness – and things that will help me along that road is being active, growing my community of likeminded people, taking time to relax and enjoy the moment, practicing yoga and taking time for personal development. I have my traditional “goals” I want to achieve, but I’m trying to change my perspective to make the journey just as pleasant as the result.

      Thanks for your comment and best of luck on your yearly intentions!!


  2. So true. The fact is that everyday we are working towards something – whether it’s the thing we want or its opposite. Every meal choice either helps me get to my goal weight or makes it harder for me.

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