Best of Last Week

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas vacation!  Last week was wonderful, and here’s just a bit of what I loved.

Christmas Festivities

Of course the best part of last week was the Christmas holiday.  It started out on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.  My husband and I baked cookies in the afternoon and they were delicious!  I decided to make a little healthier version of the classic sugar cookie using some Greek yogurt instead of all butter, and they turned out moist, tender and tasty.

I used this recipe.  It was a little difficult to get them cut out with our Christmas cookie cutters, but doable with some teamwork.

We also went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service at a local church.  There was lots of gorgeous music and a candlelit singing of Silent Night that was very moving.

Christmas day was full of activity!  We enjoyed a lovely morning and lunch with my husband’s family, came home and had our own little family Christmas with the dog, and then traveled down to my mother’s home for Christmas dinner and yet more gift exchanges.

christmas quote

We were so blessed with the beautiful and thoughtful gifts we were given, but even more blessed by the loving company of our family.

A Special Birthday

This week my dog turned fourteen – yes 14 – years old!  She is a rescue so this is just an age estimate – but I’ve had her for close to 13 years now, so she’s definitely a very senior girl!

care birthday

We had a loving gathering at our home where we served puppy-themed lunch items.  She is a dachshund mix, so hot dogs and sausages had to be served.  We also treated our guests to bone-shaped cheese and crackers, a people-cake with bone shaped decorations, and lots of pictures of our sweet pups throughout the years.

care petit four

It was a lovely gathering and the dog enjoyed every minute of it!  And yes, she got some special treats – doggie petit fours from our favorite local dog bakery.  She gobbled them up (and tried to eat the paper too – silly dog!)

Cycling Marathon?

I’ve been nursing a tight hip for a little over a month now, so I’ve been doing a lot of low impact exercises to stay in shape and let my hip get some rest.


This past week I did a ton of Cycle classes (aka Spin classes).  I usually go at least once a week to my favorite cycle class at the local gym, but this week I went to 3!  I thought I would get a little bored and sick of cycling going that often, but surprisingly I didn’t.  Each class had a different instructor, so there was a different style of teaching and different music that kept me motivated and interested.  Plus it just feels good to work up a really good sweat sometimes, and cycle/spin certainly does that!

They keep advertising a special 2 hour spin class they are having towards the end of January.  Before this past week I would have thought “no way”, but now I have to admit – I’m slightly intrigued.  Though I think I’ll need to invest in some true cycling shorts before being on a bike that long!




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