Ways to Sneak in Exercise during the Holidays

Whether you are traveling or hosting the festivities at your place, finding the time to sneak in some exercise during the holidays can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Here are some great tips to find time for exercise this holiday week.

Wake up 30 minutes early

Yeah, I know, holidays are meant for sleeping in!  But think of how great you will feel about yourself after you get in a bright and early exercise session!

Set your alarm 30 minutes early to get up and exercise.  You can go out for a walk or jog, or do some quiet indoor exercises while the family sleeps.


Here’s a great YouTube video to help you work out while staying quiet as a mouse!

Use Your Exercise Tools

Since gyms are closed on Christmas day, you may have to get creative with your exercise equipment.

If traveling, pack some inexpensive resistance bands.  They are light weight and easy to pack.  For some guidance on resistance band exercises, check out this article by Real Simple magazine.

If you don’t have resistance bands or weights at home, you can use other heavy objects around the house.  Try holding a gallon of water for squats, soup cans for bicep curls and candlesticks for overhead shoulder presses.  Be creative, but also be courteous if you are in someone else’s home.  I don’t think they would be happy if they saw you shoulder pressing their grandmother’s candle sticks!

Play with the Kids

If you are at a home with kids, chances are the kids are going to have some energy to burn!  Offer to take the kids to the park and play tag or run around at the playground.  Play active video games like Wii.  You will have fun and get some exercise in!

Do what you can

Don’t fret if your normal workout is 40 minutes and you can only sneak in 15 minutes of exercise.  Go ahead and do what you can in the 15 minutes and enjoy your day.  The worst thing you can do is not do anything with those 15 minutes.  The fittest people I know take a 10 minute break and turn it into a run.  Even if they normally run for an hour, they know that 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes.


Get the family involved

Invite others to join in with your exercise.  If they choose not to, don’t pressure them.  But the added company will make your exercise merrier and you may spark an interest in fitness in someone else.


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