Best of the Week

Hello Friday!

This week has been fairly quiet for me, which is a great thing!  I’ve been pretty busy for quite a while, so having some time to slow down, relax and enjoy life was much overdue.  And I enjoyed every bit of it!

A Quiet Week

I finished my Christmas shopping last Friday so I’ve had this whole week to enjoy without the rush of going to the mall and the stress of finding the just right gift.

I will say, last Friday was highly stressful for me, but I was determined to get all my shopping done.  And I definitely reaped the rewards from that stress this week.  I have had time to read, watch some silly TV shows and movies, sit and enjoy the Christmas tree in our den, and just relax!  I’ve loved it!  Next year I need to get my shopping done before December even starts so I can relax the whole month!!


Goal Setting Webinar

On Wednesday I attended a webinar on goal setting.  It’s the perfect time to think about 2015 and what you want to accomplish during that year.  But as many of us know and have personally experienced, New Years Resolutions and goals often are long forgotten by mid-February.  And we end up making the same resolutions every year because they were never met.

Well this webinar gave some great tips on how to have the right mindset to achieve your goals.  Many of the reasons we all tend to fall off the wagon on our resolutions path were tackled during this session and we learned ways to stay the track (and get back on the track).  I love learning new tricks to get what you want out of life!

I will be sharing these tips and tricks with you in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned for that!


Yoga, Yoga, and more Yoga

I am well on my way to meeting my 30 practice Yoga Challenge that my studio Be Yoga is hosting.  I have practiced 22 times, so I only need 8 more before December 31st!

Besides the thrill of meeting a challenge (which the competitor in me LOVES!), I have really, truly benefited greatly from the regular practice.

This week in particular the classes really touched a spot that I need emotionally.  We all have holiday stresses, and some of mine popped up this week (even with my shopping done!).  I was upset, hurt and even a little teary eyed walking into the studio the other day on some news I heard.  And while taking the class the instructor was so poetically and beautifully spoke about letting go of hurt, sadness and scars.  I don’t know why that was what she choose to speak about, but it was – and I absorbed every bit of it.  Not only was the movement relaxing and relieving, but the message help put a brand new perspective of moving on and loving the life I have in front of me.  Isn’t it just amazing how sometimes you hear the exact thing you need to hear at the right moment from someone who has no idea what you are going through!?!

I hope you all had a great week getting ready for the holidays!

What did you love best about this past week?


2 responses to “Best of the Week

  1. I loved this post! So thrilled you love and appreciate Yoga, and know you will meet your challenge of 8 more classes. I am planning on visiting the studio in January!!!! Can’t wait.
    Looking forward to what you learned on the goal setting that might help me stay on track.


  2. It was great to just relax this weekend for me as well since I also got my Xmas shopping done early. 🙂 Got to see my friends after a long haitus as well. Hope you have a good holiday!


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