Best of the Week

Only 13 days left until Christmas!  That means the weeks are flying by!

Here’s what I loved this week:

PiYo Live Certification

If you haven’t tried PiYo yet, you are missing out!  It is inspired by pilates and yoga, and combines moves such as sun salutations, planks, push-ups and lunges to sculpt your body while lengthening your muscles.  I absolutely love how it challenges my body without any impact and how invigorated I feel after I finish!

This weekend I became a certified PiYo Live instructor!  The workshop was so much fun and the instructor was awesome.  We had lots of fun learning PiYo and I’m excited to teach a class soon.


A Mini-Vacation

I was looking forward to this trip for quite a while!  The PiYo certification was actually in a small town outside of Asheville, NC.  And since my husband and I love Asheville (we even got married there), we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.  It was one of those great vacations that was the perfect mixture of fun, relaxation and treats.

We had 2 wonderful dinners – one at the Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village.  The food was delicious, despite the fact that my vacation restaurant curse struck us and we had to wait forever for our food. (I seriously have a curse when it comes to eating on vacation – since I was a kid I’ve always had trouble getting fed properly at restaurants when I’m out-of-town!).  But we did get a delicious dessert out of the lateness and lots of apologizes.

The other was at 131 Main.  We have a 131 Main near us, but we decided to go anyway since it was near a movie theatre where we got to see Mockingjay Part 1.  I honestly think this was the favorite of the Hunger Games movies for me.  The book translates extremely well into a movie and I can’t wait to see part 2!

Then on our drive home, we stopped to do a little hiking around the Triple Falls area.  It was cold, but beautiful!


The Girls on the Run 5K

Before we headed out to Asheville over the weekend, we had the Girls on the Run 5K.  The girls on my team did great!  The weather was a little iffy – it had rained all night so there was mud everywhere, but all the girls showed up ready to run!


They all finished the 5K and were so proud of themselves!  And I was proud of them too!

Way to go girls!

A Full Fridge

You know when you come home from vacation how the fridge has nothing in it?  You avoid shopping for food beforehand because you know you won’t be home to eat it – so you come home to emptiness.  It kind of depresses me, especially since I eat 98% of all my meals at home!

So I took a big chunk of my day on Thursday to hit a few grocery stores, and now I have a full fridge!  Lean cuts of meat, fresh produce, low-fat dairy products – it’s a thing of beauty!  I don’t know why a full fridge gives me such a feeling of satisfaction, but it does!


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