How to throw a healthy holiday party

It’s that season!  Holiday parties are starting to fill up our schedules.

holiday party

If you are hosting an event this year, then give your guests lots of healthy options.

Beverage Choices

Offer low calorie or no calorie drinks in addition to your typical wine and punch options.  Some good choices are:

  • Coffee
  • Unsweetened Tea
  • Club Soda
  • Light Beer and Wine Spritzers

Fruits and Veggies

At least 50% of your food options should be fruits and vegetables.

For fruits, you can make fresh fruit salads or fruit trays.

Fresh vegetables, such as baby carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and sugar snap peas, are easy and healthy options.  You can serve them raw with hummus and fresh salsa as a healthy dipping side.

If you are hosting a dinner, party, offer a salad and steamed or roasted vegetables as side dishes instead of cream based casseroles and potato or pasta-based sides.

Use Beans

Bean are lower in calories than beef and have plenty of fiber that will help guests feel fuller faster.  You can substitute beans in place of meat in a casserole dish, use them as an appetizer or add them into salads and dips.

Serve Whole Grains

Use whole grain breads and crackers instead of white flour based breads and crackers.  You can use whole grain pasta and brown rice in your dishes, and when baking substitute at least half of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

Watch Dessert Options

Make lower calorie desserts, such as fruit crisps and low fat cakes and cookies, instead of higher fat options.  If you opt for a traditional higher calorie dessert, be sure to make the portion size small.  Make bite sized cookies or cupcakes to help people keep their serving sizes appropriate.

Be Active!

Encourage your guests to be physically active during your party.  Play some music and dance, go caroling or take a walk to see the holiday decorations in the neighborhood.  If you have any games such as foosball, ping pong, or a Wii Game station, break those out for your guests to enjoy.  Your guests will have a lot of fun and burn a few extra calories at the same time!


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