Best of the Week

The first week of December is already gone!  I can’t believe it’s only 20 days until Christmas!

Here’s what I loved this past week:

Christmas Decorating

Ok, I still have a few decorations still in their boxes, but we do have our tree, outside lights and a good bit of decorations up in the den.  And it makes everything so festive!

It’s always an adventure picking out a Christmas tree and getting it in our home through our many, many steps, making sure the dog doesn’t get underfoot, and making a sharp left once you enter the door to avoid the stairs and get the tree into the den.  But my husband has gotten really good at it!  (The first year we did it was a bit of a struggle!)

christmas tree

I love looking at the tree every night.  It just makes me happy!

Charlotte Hornets Game

For those of you who don’t follow the NBA, the city of Charlotte has been very excited this year because the Hornets are back!

A brief history of NBA in my hometown:  Charlotte got an NBA team, the Hornets, in 1988.  We all loved our Hornets and they were pretty good for a while.  Then in 2001 they moved to New Orleans, leaving us without a professional basketball team.  But in 2004, we were granted another team.  But since the Hornets were now in New Orleans, we became the Charlotte Bobcats.

I must admit, the Bobcats never felt right.  I think a lot of native North Carolinians felt the same way.  Well, long story shorter, we changed owners (now Michael Jordan – a native NC’er), and in 2013 we got our name back.  This is the first official season we have been called the Charlotte Hornets, and the city is a “buzz” (pun intended)!

My husband and I were lucky enough to get courtside tickets to a game this past week and we had a lot of fun!  I’ve never been that close to a professional game, so it was interesting to see how tall the players were, and actually hear their conversations.  Even though our team lost, it was fun to see the city back to the original Hornets fun!


Sweet Potato Cookies

I made these for Thanksgiving but our plans changed a little, so I ended up eating most of these myself.

While they are still cookies and high in calories, they are delicious, clean eating food and have nutrients – so the guilt is quite less!


I recommend these cookies to anyone who enjoys warm Fall flavors!  You can find the recipe here.  I leave out the nuts due to allergies and they are still yummy.

21 Day Fix

After eating all those yummy cookies and other Thanksgiving treats, my weight was a little higher than I’d like.  (Yes, it happens to everyone!)

So this week I brought out my trusty health and weight loss program the 21 Day Fix.

I’ve been following the wonderful nutrition plan of eating lots of lean protein and veggies, limiting carbs and sweets, and doing the daily workouts at home.  And I’m happy to say I’m already down about 3.5 pounds from just Monday.  And I was never hungry (I promise and I even had some leftover cookies on the plan!!)

I love the 21 Day Fix because I can make healthy and tasty nutrition decisions, just manage my portions, and the weight comes off.  It definitely doesn’t feel like a weight loss program!!  You can see my meals and exercise on my nightly instagram posts at @ashleyfit4me.



One response to “Best of the Week

  1. I love sweet potatoes!! I hate to tell you though, that sweet potatoes and egg is actually a particularly bad combination. Unfortunately it is a little known fact in the Western world- probably because we don’t eat enough sweet potatoes!! Anyway, just wanted to let you know!

    Rock on!!!


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