Healthy Leftover Options

So you survived Thanksgiving, but now comes the dreaded leftover scenario.


Most of us complain about leftovers, but let’s face it, we really do love them.  Turkey sandwiches, mac & cheese, a slice of pie for lunch and dinner.  That sounds pretty tasty!

But when you are trying to stay healthy during the holiday season, leftovers can be a temptation that is hard to avoid.  So what should you do with all the leftover food to stay healthy after the holidays?

Freeze the Excess

Instead of stuffing yourself with turkey, gravy and pumpkin pie for a week, divide out enough for two meals, then freeze the rest of the leftovers.  Storing food items in freezer safe Tupperware or plastic bags can keep your items safe for up to a month, so you can defrost and enjoy when needed.

Cook a Healthy Dish

Tired of the standard turkey sandwich?  Try using your leftover turkey in a healthy and tasty dish.  Easy variations on your leftover traditions can help liven up monotonous dishes and keep them waistline friendly.

Instead of making a traditional turkey sandwich, try making a turkey wrap with hummus, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  Or if you want even more flavor, you can make turkey tacos or burritos.  All you need to do is dice the leftover turkey and use it to replace ground beef.  You can add lettuce, low-fat cheese, low-fat sour cream and salsa to your dish to add flavor and keep it healthy.  Other good uses for turkey are to use it as a salad topper, bake a turkey Tetrazzini (using low-fat ingredients), make turkey soup or turkey chili.

For leftover potatoes and vegetables, combine them to make a Shepherd’s Pie or other casserole dish.  Mashed potatoes can easily be turned into potato soup as well.  You can add leftover vegetables to soups, salads, frittatas, quiches and stir fries.  Be creative with your food.  Sometimes a new taste on leftovers can be as simple as adding a different herb or spice.

Here are a few recipes I found that sound delicious and are nutritious!

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

Baked Turkey Croquettes

Sweet Potato Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

It’s not to late to join in on the fun!

“Maintain, Don’t Gain” this holiday season!  Gain tips, support, encouragement and have lots of fun making smart choices while enjoying your favorite holiday traditions (and yes, treats too!).

Everyone is welcome to join!  Go here to join the Facebook group!



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