Time to be grateful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

happy thanksgiving

It’s time to give thanks.  Here are just a few things I’m grateful for this year:

My wonderful, fun, loving and beautiful family!

My silly (and stubborn) little dog.  She gave us some health scares this year but we’re excited to celebrate her 14th birthday soon!


My hometown.  I love this city and can’t imagine living anywhere else!


My health.  While I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs healthy wise, I’m so blessed to be able-bodied and strong!  I never, ever take my health for granted!

A comfortable bed.  Never underestimate the importance of a comfy bed to come home to at night!

Travel experiences.  I am lucky to have traveled to some beautiful cities this past year.


Good books.  I’ve read some great books this past year, and some not so great ones, but I love to read and there’s something very comforting about curling up with a good book.

Yoga.  I started practicing yoga this year and it’s really making a great impact on my physical and emotional health.

bla bla bla

Novocain.  I bet you weren’t expecting that on this list.  But, I had some dental work done yesterday, and while the sounds were horrible – I didn’t feel a thing.  And for that, I am truly grateful!


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