Best of the Week

Happy Friday!  Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?  I feel like it’s still early November!

I love the holiday season, so I’m happy that it is now that time of year.  But I also am looking forward to a fun December with the “Maintain, Don’t Gain” challenge.  It is free, there are prizes, and it will be a great time!  See below for more details on the challenge and how you can sign up.

Here’s what I loved this week.

UNC Victories

Yes, two victories for UNC football since last Friday.  I know, crazy, right?

unc vs pitt

UNC beat Pittsburgh in a nail-biter at home on Saturday.  It was an extremely cold game – so cold we had to switch to the sunny side of the stadium and sit with Pittsburgh fans for the second half.  Happily, we pulled out the win and stayed warm in the sun!

victory bell

Then Thursday night, UNC easily won over their ACC rival Duke.  My husband and I stayed up late to make sure we got the Victory Bell back and painted it the right color blue!  We are so excited the bell is back home!

Yoga Challenge

The yoga studio I work at is hosting a Yoga Challenge.  The Challenge is to practice 30 times between November 15th and the end of the year.  It is a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy over the holiday season.  I am participating because I love a good challenge and I am excited to better my practice.  Tonight will be my 5th practice since the 15th with a lovely Deep Stretch class.

Back to Running

I took a break from running while nursing a hip injury.  I had a deep tissue massage earlier this week which helped break up many of the muscle spasm I had causing me lots of pain, and I felt loose enough to go for a run yesterday.


It was a bit hard as I hadn’t run in a while and I definitely hadn’t had a cold morning run, but I did it.  And afterwards I felt great!  I’m so excited to be running again.  I miss it so much when I can’t hit the pavement!

December Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge

Can you believe it’s only 9 days until DECEMBER?? The Holiday season is officially upon us. And with the holidays, comes lots of yummy and tempting treats! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely having some treats this season. I cannot pass up a slice of apple pie at Thanksgiving, cookies on Christmas Eve and my mother’s delicious homemade cherry cake on Christmas Day! YUM!

And this year I’m going to do it without feeling guilty or adding on any weight!

This December, let’s Maintain, Not Gain! This will be a fun online program that is full of healthy recipes, fitness advice, exercise routines AND lots of encouragement to make smart decisions 80% of the time, while enjoying your holiday the other 20% of the time! There is no cost to join and there will be prizes!! What do you have to lose?

Comment or send me a message to join!   And share this with your friends! The more the merrier!

maintain dont gain with pics

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