The dangers of sitting

The Washington Post ran an excellent infographic about the dangers of sitting earlier this year.

We all sit too much.  We may not realize it because we often change chairs, but the majority of our day is sent sitting.  At the breakfast table, in the car on our way to work, at our desk, at the conference table, in the break room, again in our cars, around the dining room table and then in front of the TV at night.  What we are sitting on may be different, but our actions are the same.

So much sitting reduces our physical fitness, causing weight gain and increasing our risk for disease.  It also causes joint and muscle problems resulting in pore posture, stiffness and soreness.

Taking regular mini-walk breaks, standing and stretching or even sitting on a stability ball instead of a chair every now and then helps guard against these problems.

For more information, check out this article at the Washington Post.


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