4 Ways to stay motivated during the holidays

This morning a memory of a past shopping experience popped into my mind.  And no I wasn’t thinking about shopping while walking my dog (well, maybe a little), but I was thinking about motivation.

Since October through January seem to be the season of de-motivation, I’ve been really focused on keeping my motivation high!

And this memory of a shopping trip made me giggle at the time, but now it makes perfect sense.

I was in a home goods store with my mother.  It had gorgeous table settings, specialty home décor, furniture and art pieces.  Most of it was a little pricey, but it was fun to look around.

A lot of their art pieces were the motivational word art you see a lot of in every home store lately.

You know the type: “Be Happy” “Be Strong”, “Be You.”

word art

And I remember talking with my mother about how sad it is that you need artwork placed around your home reminding you to do these things.  It’s like a chore list or grocery list.  Instead of reminding me I need to do the laundry or buy lemons, I have a reminder to “Be Happy.”

But during the stress and busyness of the holiday season, I now understand the usefulness of these signs.  Because there have been times I have needed these reminders and I’m sure many more reminders are needed in the next few months.


So, without buying these signs, how can I stay motivated this holiday season?

1. Remind myself of my Why.  If you haven’t thought about your Why for whatever goal you have in mind, it’s important that you do.  Knowing your why will keep you headed in the right direction.

the 5 whys

And if you need to, write down this why.  Make your own version of the motivational art – with your personal why’s and how’s listed!

2. Be positive.  This is hard to do when stress is building.  But to help combat the stress of the day, start your morning with a gratitude list.  This can be written down or just thought about, though I highly recommend writing it down.

Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for.  It can be a person, an event, an opportunity, your health.  When you start your day being grateful, it’s easier to let stress roll off your back.  And if you write it down, then you have a physical reminder when stress comes knocking at your door.


If you need help thinking of things to be grateful for, use this list to get your thoughts flowing.

3. Take breaks.  I know, this again seems easier said than done.  But your breaks don’t have to be long.  A 3 minute break of sitting still, closing your eyes, breathing deeply and tuning out the outside world can make a huge difference in your mood!

inhale exhale

You can also take a short walk, listen to a soothing or uplifting song, read a passage from your favorite motivational book, or give yourself a nice mini self-massage.

You can develop a routine, say 3-5 times a day you take a mini break for you.  These can be scheduled or you can take cues from yourself.  Whenever you start to feel stressed, take a mini break.

4. Find your word or mantra for the season.  Sometimes one word can make a huge difference in our attitude.  And if we keep that word in our mind, our hearts and if needed visually in front of us, we can create an uplifting and positive mood.

You can choose a motivational phrase that speaks to you, a person’s name, a goal, or just a meaningful word to you.

My word is usually joy.  This word helps ease my mood and put me in a positive spirit.


Staying motivated can be difficult and that’s why it’s important to have tools to help you stay on track.  Knowing your why, being positive, taking breaks and finding your word can help you fight off the stress of the season and keep you in the right frame of mind to keep you moving towards your goal, whatever it may be!

Do you have trouble finding motivation during the holiday season?  What do you do to try to stay motivated?  What would be your word or phrase to keep you on track?

2 responses to “4 Ways to stay motivated during the holidays

  1. I like all the inspirational images, but only on the computer! I think, though, a big part of why they are so popular is exactly what you are saying – we get stressed out, and its easy to forget all of the good things we have going for us. We need reminders to be happy or strong, or whatever it may be.
    I used to think all the “the reason for the season” posters and whatnot were silly, until I started disliking Christmas, thanks to working retail. When you’re stressed, it truly is easy to lose sight of whats important.


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