Thinking about the holidays

This weekend I did a lot of talking and planning for the upcoming holidays.  Where the family will gather and what food will be served was discussed at length.  And it got me thinking.

The holidays are a time where most people, including me, tend to put on a little bit (or maybe a good bit) of weight.

holiday weight gain

We surround ourselves with our favorite treats from Thanksgiving through New Years.  We give ourselves permission to over-indulge for over a month because “it’s the holidays”.

On top of that, our lives become busier so finding time to exercise becomes much more difficult and often we skip working out altogether.

So it’s no wonder that in January many people are trying to lose weight!

This year I challenge myself and you to do something different.

I don’t want you to avoid holiday treats, because, let’s face it, it’s part of the fun of the holidays.

But this year instead of eating treats all winter long, how about saving them for special occasions?  Pick 5 days from Thanksgiving to Christmas that you are will have a special treat.  These may be the actual holidays or a favorite holiday party.  But limit yourself to one special treat on those 5 days.

The rest of the time you can fill yourself up with healthy choices!  Not only will this help you avoid the traditional holiday weight gain, but it will help boost your immunity and help prevent you from catching that dreaded holiday cold!

And how about making exercise a tradition this year?  Make time in your busy schedule – just 20-30 minutes, to have some time to workout.  Taking this time for you, to de-stress and focus on your needs, is crucial to surviving the holidays with joy and gratitude.

So why not break a bad holiday tradition this year and replace it with a healthy one?  Let’s break the cycle of holiday weight gain and be healthy this season!

Your resolution list will thank you come January!

invest in self

Need some extra motivation to stay healthy this holiday season?  I’m hosting a free “Maintain, Don’t Gain” holiday program.

maintain dont gain wordy

Leave a comment or send me a message to join.

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