Best of the Week

This week flew by!  Here’s what I loved about the past week:

A Weekend Getaway

My husband and I braved the roads this past weekend to go to the D.C. area.  We had a great time catching up with old friends and finally meeting their little boy, who is an adorable and sweet 9 month old!  We had a great time hiking in Great Falls Park with the family and saw some incredible sites!

great falls 1

We also enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner.  And while it was not exactly “diet” friendly, it was worth the calories!

And as an extra fun bonus, our sweet pup got to make the trip with us.  It’s such a fun experience traveling with dogs!

Travel Dog Collage

Panthers Thursday Night Football

Ok, so we didn’t get a much-needed win in Carolina on Thursday night versus the Saints.  But it was a great time getting to go to the game!


I will admit, I really hate the process of getting inside the stadium!  I have a slight fear of being stuck in the middle of a crowd, which is what you do when you are going to a football game.  And since I’m on the shorter side – all I can see around me is a bunch of tall people.  It’s frightening!

But I braved my fear and we had a great time in a fun atmosphere at the game, despite the loss.

Halloween Week

I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I love the Wednesday night lineup of The Middle, Modern Family and Blackish.  All 3 had Halloween themed shows this week and they were spectacular!  The Middle especially made me laugh.  If you DVR’d it, I don’t want to spoil it for you.  But the conversation between the parents and Brick about dating a girl is classic!

Kids in costume.  It’s just too cute, right?  I’ve loved seeing all the pictures of my friends kids in costume on Facebook.  And yesterday at Girls on the Run, I got to see lots of kids in costume in person.  In our group of girls, there was a witch, a zombie, Katniss from the Hunger Games, Alice from Wonderland, and a spectacular Knight.  The girls were so excited about Halloween and just adorable in their costumes.

And today is Halloween!  I haven’t exactly celebrated Halloween yet.  It’s 7:30am as I am writing this.  But I just know today will be a great day, as I’m a huge fan of Halloween!  I will have to report to you next week on my fun adventures for the day.

And I’m so happy I get to celebrate guilt free, as I know my 3 clean eating program starting Monday November 3rd will get me right back on track!  If you are interested in joining, contact me and I’ll add you to the group!  It’s completely free and you get:

  • A grocery list of healthy foods to buy
  • A meal plan for 3 days to help lean you out and clean out your system of all the sugar from the weekend
  • Support and encouragement from a great group of people who are in the same boat as you
  • Advice from myself – one on one!

If you can’t make this group, but want to know about other free programs, like my Facebook page.


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