My Health Journey

Today’s post is a little more personal than normal.

As I’ve been reading all these wonderful blogs, I’ve noticed how open and honest you all are with your fitness and nutrition journeys.  I’m inspired by your ups, your downs, and your strength to keep going.  You all inspired me to share my story.

When I was younger my weight wasn’t a big issue.  At times I could have stood to lose a few pound (thank you puberty), but overall I was never really an overweight kid.

I credit that to my need to move.  I love sports – and dabbled in softball and gymnastics growing up.  I also had an older brother who would take me out to the basketball court, tennis court, or field to play catch.  I would spend my alone time riding my bike or playing at the neighborhood playground. And it was a great time!  Exercise was fun for me!

As a kid my diet consisted of blueberry muffins and tv dinners.  Of course my mother gave me fruit and veggies, which I generally ate without my fuss – but they were not as good as my Doritos!

As I got older I started to do what adults consider exercise.  I would do exercise DVDs or tv shows (remember Gilad or Denise Austin? I LOVED them!) and go to the gym with my mother.

Exercise became a good habit for me.

In college I had the typical college diet, but after getting my first job and my own place, I started cooking.  And I learned how to cook healthfully.  I experimented with different health foods and found that I love them.  So all of a sudden my good habit of exercise and my healthy diet created a great healthy me!  I was looking good and more importantly feeling great!

So, you may be thinking, really, what’s this story??  Why is she bragging?

My catch is this:

A few months ago I was diagnosed with a food allergy.  It’s not the common ones like soy, dairy, nuts or gluten.  It’s one of the less common ones: nickel.  Yes, the metal, nickel.

Nickel is absorbed into our food through the soil.  So things that grow in the ground (most healthy foods) contain nickel.  And my healthy diet brought in a lot of nickel into my system, causing painful and embarrassing rashes.

Nickel is typically found in leafy greens, nuts, soy products, beans/legumes, whole grains and cocoa products.  It can also be leaked into our foods through canned foods or by using stainless steel cookware.

All of a sudden I couldn’t eat about 90% of my normal diet!  The only healthy foods left for me were chicken breasts, broccoli and cauliflower.  How boring!

So, I started eating more refined grains because I felt like I had no other food options.  And if you ever switched from whole grains to refined grains, you know that creates a great deal of cravings.  One slice of bread turned into two slices, then a muffin, then a bagel, then some spaghetti, and so on.

I went from eating kale salads and quinoa to plain white bagels and refined cereals.

I gained weight, yes.  But more than that, I felt horrible.  I felt bloated, sluggish, heavy and weak.  My mood was often down, feeling irritable and sad.  I just wasn’t happy with myself or how I felt.


I had seen the 21 day Fix program advertised on TV, and had even known a few people who were trying it.  But being an Exercise Science major and absorber of all wellness information, I was hesitant about anything I saw on an infomercial.

Then one day I noticed that a good and trusted friend had become a Beachbody coach.  She had the same exercise science background as me so I knew she would never promote anything that wasn’t healthy and legit.  So after some thought, I pushed myself to give it a try.

And let me tell you the results were amazing!  Within a few days of following the simple nutrition and exercise plan, I felt 100% better!  I felt lighter, had more energy, was happier and definitely healthier!

The nutrition plan forced me to branch out and try new vegetables and lean meats that were low in nickel and nutritious.  And I loved what I ate and was happy with the variety in my diet!  And it lowered my dependence on carbohydrates, which is a big problem for me as I love carbs!

The exercise plan was fun and effective.  They were never more than 30 minutes and challenged me all the way.  There was a different workout to do every day of the week so I never got bored or overly fatigued.

It was the perfectly balanced program.  And in the end, I had a better body than I ever had in the past, and felt so much better that I never want to go back to feeling the way I did before.


After the 21 day Fix program worked for me, anyone who was looking for help with losing a little bit of weight or cleaning up their diet, I sang the praises of the 21 day Fix program.  I did this so much I figured, hey, shouldn’t I become a coach?  Shouldn’t I help others feel better by doing a simple program that gives great results in a healthy and safe manner!  Absolutely!

So that’s why I’m a Beachbody coach.  To help others not only gain their fitness and weight goals, but really to feel better.  Because that’s what life is all about: feeling great inside and out!

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