2 Ingredient Pancakes

During a long drive home from the DC area yesterday, my husband and I had a quick discussion.  I can’t even remember what he was thinking of, but I told him he needed to try everything at least twice.

And I’m a firm believer in that rule.  Oftentimes the first time you try something, whether it’s an activity, a food, or a job task, your emotions and beliefs effect your thoughts more than the actual experience.

So you need to give everything you try at least two separate shots.

And I’ll admit, I had to do that with these 2 ingredient pancakes.  The first time I was expecting pancakes – fluffy, buttery (even though the recipe has no butter), and even a bit cakey.  I will tell you know, these pancakes are not reminiscent of Ihop in the slightest.

But they are good.  And I found that out on my second try.

Another fun thing is they are also simple, healthy, filling and low-calorie!

All you need is two simple ingredients:

  • A banana
  • 2 eggs

Put the two ingredients into a blender.

blender batAnd blend until a smooth batter forms.

blender ingrPour the ingredients into a pan over medium heat (sprayed with cooking spray).  You can do a little batter at a time to do single pancakes, but I like to do one big pancake.

ban pan firstThe batter acts like normal pancake batter and starts to bubble and brown at the edges when it’s ready to flip.

To flip, I cut the pancake into four quadrants and flip one at a time.  It’s much easier than trying to flip the big pancake all at once.

ban pan plateLet it cook on the other side for another 4-5 minutes, and then serve.

ban pan flip

When I’m watching my calorie intake, I eat the pancake plain.  This may not be for you though.

It is delicious served with a little bit of butter and some Trader Joe’s Agave and Maple syrup blend!  Other toppings you can try are honey, peanut butter or fruit preserves.

Since banana is a main ingredient in these pancakes, there is a strong banana flavor, so make sure you pick a topping that goes will with that flavor.

If you want to add more ingredients into the batter, some good items to try are:

  • 1/3 cup of oatmeal will give the pancake more bulk
  • 1/2 tbsp. of PB2
  • finely chopped nuts
  • a dash of cinnamon would be nice as well

Give these a couple of tries and try different toppings and additions.  You will find a combination you love!

And don’t worry if your pancake ends up looking like this:

ban pan whoopsI have had that happen plenty of times and it tastes just as good on a plate, even if it’s not as pretty!

ban pan unpretty

Calorie count (with just 2 ingredients) and no toppings: 246
21 day Fix Count: 1 purple and 1 red


2 responses to “2 Ingredient Pancakes

    • Oh no – I have had many fails with these pancakes. I’ve found that using a good blender really makes a difference in the batter and if I cook them a little longer on the first side, then flipping them becomes easier.

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