Best of the Week

It’s been a very busy week for me and I am ready for the weekend!

Here’s what was the best of this week for me:

A new adventure

I’m starting a new adventure in my career.  Working in the fitness and wellness field is incredibly rewarding, but it can lead you down various paths.  And many of these paths require lots of training and certifications.  This week I started on a new journey with my career, resulting in a lot of training work!  I’m excited and nervous to take this step!  Wish me luck!

A HARD workout

I’ve noticed that I needed an extra push in my workouts over the past few weeks.  I just didn’t feel I was challenging myself enough physically.  So I switched up my routine and decided to go to an Athletic Conditioning exercise class at my local gym.  I’ve been to this class before in the past, but strayed away from it because it can be intense, and I wanted to give my body a break.  This past Tuesday I put on a brave face and went.  It was HARD!  Every one in the class was dripping sweat and breathing loud and fast!  But it was just what I needed – that extra push to let me know I can challenge myself more than I was.  Taking a class like this is a great way to get myself out of an exercise slump!

A Date Night

When you are married, date nights tend to fall away.  My husband and I are very good at making sure every now and then we turn off the TV and connect in the evening, whether it’s playing a board game, taking a walk, or just having a good conversation.  But you forget how much fun going out together can be until you schedule an actual date night out!

We met at a local restaurant for Happy Hour this week.  We split an appetizer, chatted and people watched.  And it was a lot of fun!  We didn’t have a “no talk about home/work” rules as I know some people do.  We talked about whatever we wanted to, including the dog, work, and what happened during our days.  It was our normal evening conversation.  And it still almost felt like a date again!  We didn’t go to our normal restaurants for dinner, we just had a snack and a beverage, and we met there instead.  Just these few simple changes made the night a little extra special!


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