Mindful Eating Step 4: Use Your Senses

Have you ever watched a television cooking competition?  If you watch the judges, you will notice that they eat very mindfully.  They put all their attention on the food, take their time and they use all their senses to judge the food.  Judges on shows like Chopped and Cupcake Wars will comment on the appearance, the texture, the subtle lack of just an extra dash of seasoning.  They notice every little aspect of the food they are eating.

chopped judges

To be a mindful eater, you should eat your food like a judge on one of these shows.  You do not have to look for the negative, as some of the judges seem to do, but you should notice the food using all of your senses.

What does the food look like?

How does the food smell?

How does the food feel on your tongue?

How does each bite taste?


If you take the time to really notice your food, then the meal will become a more satisfying experience.  When you quickly down your meal, you leave feeling unsatisfied and it can lead to the desire for more food.  But by using your senses, you will notice and savor every bite, and leave the table feeling like you had the great pleasure of enjoying a lovely meal, and the desire to eat more will be greatly diminished.  Satisfaction with your meal is a powerful tool!

Your challenge this week is to use your senses for at least one meal a day, preferably your largest meal.  Notice the aroma, the appearance, the texture and the taste of your food.  And then notice how you are more satisfied after eating this meal and how your desire to snack afterwards has diminished.

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