Best of the Week

Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend!!

Here’s what I loved this week.

A Clean Puppy

My dog has recently recovered from a major injury and illness, so during that time she was cooped up in a single room of the house and she became just a little stinky!  So I scheduled her a spa day at her vet.  A bath and nail trim are not considered a luxury for her (quite the opposite actually), but afterwards she was so soft and smelled so good.  I love puppy spa days!


Workout DVDs

This week has been very busy, which meant little time to go to the gym.  So I brought out my “no excuse” workout equipment I keep at home.  My favorite exercise DVDs.  I can squeeze them in whenever I have time and get a great workout without having the added stress of going to the gym.  I can even have a load of laundry going while exercising!

My favorite workout DVDs right now are:

  • PiYo Sweat and PiYo Drench (and the names are very appropriate!)
  • Total Body Cardio Fix and the Pilates Fix

PiYo videos require no equipment, which is great!  the Total Body Cardio Fix does suggest a medium weight (I’ve accumulated a good set of weights over the years) and the Pilates Fix you will definitely want a mat.  But with little to no equipment, I can get a great workout morning, noon or night!

A Delicious Dinner Out

Last weekend we had a special dinner out at A Southern Season’s Weathervane Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC.  We were all a little hungry, so we ordered a good bit of food.  And it was all delicious!

For appetizers we shared a plate of pimento cheese fritters and fried green tomatoes, while I also ordered a cup of summer squash soup.  The pimento cheese fritters were amazing!  I have an allergy to tomatoes, so I stayed clear of those but they got good reviews from everyone else at the table.  And the soup was tasty, with a bit of a kick I wasn’t expecting.  It was too spicy for me to finish the whole cup and still have an intact palate to eat the rest of my meal, but I enjoyed it.

Then for the main course, I had a zucchini risotto cake with a roasted red pepper sauce and some grilled chicken strips.  Oh my it was so good!  I would order this again and again.

The rest of the table enjoyed their meals just as much: a sweet-tea glazed salmon and the catch of the day (wahoo).

We all probably ate a bit too much, but we enjoyed it very much!  What a great treat!


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