Best of the Week

It’s officially October!

Here’s what I loved this week:

My husband’s birthday

It was my husband’s 35th birthday this past week.  While we tend to be a little low-key on birthdays, it’s still always a fun day!  We had presents, delicious cupcakes from Tizzerts, and a lovely and tasty dinner out at LuLu’s.  It was a great day celebrating him!


Aerial Silks

I talked about my first experience with Aerial Silks on this blog post.  I’m still really excited about this experience!  It was challenging and fun, not to mention a great workout!  I’ve already convinced some of my other friends to try out a class with me.  I’m going to have to pace myself with this – it will be my workout treat!

New TV Shows

I’m all about comedies when I watch television.  When I sit down in front of the tv, I don’t want to be on edge or scared, I want to laugh!  I was so excited when my favorites, Modern Family, the Middle and Big Bang Theory, started the new season last week.  And this week some new television shows premiered that have promise to be a good laugh for my evening.  A few of my favorites so far are Black-ish and Manhattan Love Story.

Halloween Decorations

I am a big fan of Halloween and love decorating for the holiday!  We usually purchase a few new decorations each year, so every year our collection of fun and spooky items grows.  This year we added a life-size skeleton to sit on our front porch.  It was a lot of fun driving home with him!



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