Mindful Eating: Ridding Daily Distractions

A meal without distractions isn’t as easy as it sounds.  You have to make an effort not only to eliminate your favorite technology pieces and set up a nice meal area, but also to turn off the distractions in your head.

As I ate my “distractionless” meals the past 24 hours, I noticed my mind wandered a lot.  I thought about my to-do list, my schedule for the week, what I would write on my next blog post.  I thought about anything and everything but the food placed in front of me.  And before I knew it, my food was gone.

wandering mind

It’s not just the outside distractions, but the inside ones, that you need to turn off.  Tune into the present moment and what you are doing.  You can think about your to-do list, your big meeting or your next workout after you eat.  While you eat, be in the moment.  Focus on the food.

What does it taste like?  How is the texture?  How does your body feel as you are eating it?  Are you feeling more full?  Is the food satisfying?  There are plenty of thoughts you can have in the moment – checking in with your taste buds and your stomach throughout the meal.

If you feel your mind wandering, put down the fork and take some time to clear your head.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Let the thoughts, good or bad, leave your mind and just focus on your breathing techniques.  When you become refocused, pick up your fork again and eat.

inhale exhale

This will take time.  In our go-go-go culture, we rarely take the time to just be in the moment, especially with something as routine as eating.  But with practice, being in the present moment while eating is possible.

What meal will you go distraction-less today?

3 responses to “Mindful Eating: Ridding Daily Distractions

  1. Oh, my ADD brain train is always going a thousand miles a minute, which frankly, I totally enjoy! You are right though. I’m gonna try to be more mindful while eating (as long as it’s delicious). Sometimes, I just eat, to eat something because it’s that time. I’m pretty bad about not eating enough when I’m eating healthy things.


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