Mindful eating series

Fall is in the air!  I’m so excited – cool weather, colorful leaves, pumpkins and football!  I love all these things and more!  Fall also marks the beginning of the holiday season.  Not only is it the gearing up point for Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas, but it is also the time of year when almost all of my family members have their birthdays.  So fall also brings a lot of goodies, treats and birthday cake!

fall leaves

This time of year can also mean a time when many people, including me, can gain a few extra pounds.  But it is possible to indulge in some holiday treats and not gain weight!  It’s called mindful eating.

The concept behind mindful eating is you can eat anything you want to if you listen to your body’s hunger signals and only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

I’m not going that far – you definitely need to eat your fruits, vegetables and whole grains!  Proper nutrition is going to give you energy to not only get all your holiday tasks done, but help you avoid getting those dreaded colds tend to be passed around during the holiday season.  A healthy diet is key to your body working well!

But during those occasional indulgences, mindful eating techniques will help you avoid adding too many extra calories into your diet.

And if you practice mindful eating every day while eating nutritious meals, your weight will stabilize at a healthy range.

To get a head start, the next several weeks the weekly challenges will be based on one step of mindful eating.  The challenges will be released every Wednesday, and you can practice that one step for a whole week.  The next week, you’ll have another step to practice (while keeping in mind the first step), until finally by the time the holiday’s hit, mindful eating practices will be engrained in your meal habits.

So let’s celebrate and enjoy Fall to the fullest!


One response to “Mindful eating series

  1. Looking forward to these tips. Seems like one bite of something scrumptious just takes me to the next bite, and the next, and the next!


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