Channeling Superman

During core week, we have covered the abdominals with crunches, bridges and planks, but what about those all important back muscles?  Many of us forget to do exercises for the back when training the core.  But it’s just as vital to strengthen your back as your abdomen.

If you only train your abdominal muscles, then those muscles will become so strong they overpower your back muscles.  This imbalance can create a lot of problems and a lot of pain.

With your abs overpowering your low back muscles, it’s impossible for your body to maintain proper posture.  To keep proper curvature of your back, all muscles need to be evenly strong.  If one muscle group is weak, then it can’t play it’s part, thus resulting in improper curves of your spine and back pain.

low back pain

To avoid this imbalance, whenever you train your abdominals you should also train your back muscles.

A great exercise to do for your back is called the superman.


The superman exercise is a body weight exercise that strengthens your erector spinae.  While the exercise is simple in concept, you need to make sure you keep proper form and move slowly to avoid any overextension of your lower back.

Check out this video on how to do the superman exercise for all levels.


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