Halftime Workouts

When watching the game at home, what do you normally do during half time?  Analyze the first half stats, hit the snack table, bathroom break, or just switch the channel and watch another show?  What if you took half time and did some exercise?

Many times we say we can’t find time to exercise – but we always can.  When the tv doesn’t hold our interest, just knock out a few sit ups or more.

Half Time Workouts

football halftime workouts

or you can always just go outside for a walk, jog or run!

Commercial Break Workouts

If it’s a late game or you are looking for a real challenge, try these commercial break workouts.  You can do the workouts for the first quarter, first half, or all game long with or without a halftime workout.  But these few minute bursts of exercise are a great way to use your time wisely while cheering on your favorite team!

Note the time on the clock when the game goes to commercial and follow this fun exercise routine:

football clock workout

If you are not a clock watcher, try these standard exercises for commercial breaks:


Or for a more spontaneous workout, try this exercise routine.  Note the subject of the commercial, find your exercise, and continue until that commercial is done.  Repeat the process for all commercials during the break!


These commercial break workouts can be used for any television viewing experience, so try to pull them out every time your favorite shows come on television.  It’s a great way to sneak in exercise and not miss out on the latest episode of Modern Family, The Bachelor or NCIS.



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