Best of the Week

It’s Friday again!  This week flew by with the Labor Day holiday and I’m ready to have another great weekend.  Here’s what I loved this week:

A Good Run

I am not a natural runner.  I never really have the desire to go for a run and have to give myself lots of pep talks.  But I know it’s good for me, health and stress wise, so I do it.  I’ve been slowly working up in my distance for no reason other than to challenge myself.  This week I’ve run the farthest I have in a long time.  I got up to 5.5 miles.  I have done as far as 9 miles, but that was several years ago and I stopped running after my bum knee started aching on me.  So I started again, slowly, doing walk run intervals.  And now I’m up to 5.5 miles!  Even though I do not love running, I am so proud of myself for the longer runs I am doing!


A Healthy Dinner

Many of you know I am in love with Al Fresco’s Chicken Sausages.  Whenever I find a new recipe using sausages, I get so excited!  This week I found a Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage recipe that I had to try.  And it was fantastic!  I added less cilantro to the sauce because it is a strong flavor, and it was delicious and – bonus – nutritious!

Football is Back!

This past week has been football kickoff week, and I can not be happier.  I am big football fan.  My two college alma maters – UNC and FSU – are both ranked (Noles being number one again after a championship year) and both started out the season with a win (even though both games were closer than they should have been).  And soon, the Carolina Panthers will begin their season.  While you never know what to expect with the Panthers, I’m hoping for a good season!

Trader Joe’s Mini Blueberry Scones

Ok, so this is not exactly a healthy food, but everything is fine in moderation.  We all deserve a sweet treat every now and then.  And I found a great sweet treat in Trader Joe’s Mini Blueberry Scones.  They are light, moist, with a great blueberry flavor and at only 190 calories each, they are a great treat!  Just be careful not to eat the whole bag!



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