Best of the Week

It’s finally Friday!  Did this week seem longer than normal to anyone else?  I’m sure it’s due to Labor Day weekend excitement.  Here’s what I enjoyed this week:

A Hike with the Girls

I am a hiking girl!  I love walking and seeing beautiful scenery.  This past Saturday I went on a hike at a local hiking hot spot, Crowder’s Mountain, with a great group of girls!  It was hot and we all finished covered in sweat, but it was worth it!  The views at the top of the mountain are just lovely!


Summer Vegetable Soup

On busy days, I love using my slow cooker for dinner.  This week I used it to make a soup.  I know hot weather doesn’t exactly scream soup, but I have a craving.  So I made asparagus soup following this recipe.  It was delicious!!  I have a little extra in the freezer and I’m hoping it keeps well.  (Soups are a great way to get in extra veggies!)


Thursday was our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It seems like yesterday that we just got married but it also feels like I’ve known my husband all my life.  It’s a special feeling.  We went out for a lovely Italian dinner and then split a Vanilla cupcake for dessert at home.  It was a laid back and relaxing evening, just like we like it.

New PiYo Workouts

I’m in the 3rd week of my PiYo workouts and was introduced to a couple of new programs this weeks: buns and strength intervals.  I made it through the Buns workout feeling pretty good, but the next morning when I went out for my run, I felt the aftermath of Buns.  It really does work your glutes!!  And I was surprised by strength intervals.  I didn’t think I would sweat that much in a 20 minute PiYo workout, but she made you work!  Excellent programs!

For those of you who are not familiar with PiYo, check out this link for more information.




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